Time Squad

Season 2 Episode 7

Out with the In Crowd / Child's Play

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 14, 2003 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • J.T. Lazer was a reference to the 1980's movie Robocop. In the movie, Murphy's son Jimmy watches a show about a futuristic cop wearing a spandex uniform named T.J. Lazer.

    • Larry 3000 has an autograph book with the signatures of famous robots: hal 9000, C3PO, RoboCop, Mr. Roboto, Robby, and
      Lance 900,000,000,000

  • Quotes

    • Tuddrussel: Hey, JT! Long time no see, right bro?
      JT and Lance: -dead silence-
      Tuddrussel: Hey, don't cha remember? From the academy? Tuddrussel! Buck Tuddrussel, man!
      JT Lazer: The guy with the weight problem?
      Tuddrussel: (hurt) Ahh, well uhh that was a glandular thing. . .

    • Larry: Oh! Can you believe it?!
      Tuddrussel: It's really them!
      Otto: (confused and angry) Why are you two acting so weird? Who are those guys?
      Tuddrussel: Only the COOLEST Time Squad unit on the force! JT Lazer graduated at the top of our class, and was voted most likely to become Time Squad Chief Commissioner !
      Larry: You don't recognize the Lance 9 trillion?
      Otto: (like no, why would I?) No. . .

    • Sir Henry: (to himself) Oh, come on Sir Henry, remember your African tribesmen dialect. (Speaking to the cannibals in their language) My name is Silly Suzy and I'm wearing rubber underpants!
      Cannibals: -laughs hysterically-

    • Otto: Are you sure that we should be going on vacation? I mean it is our busy season...
      Larry: Well, it would be considered high treason and we could face a lifetime in prison. (cheerfully) But don't be such a worry-wart!

  • Notes

    • Larry points out that "Go time!" and "Get some" were "inappropriate for children". Why didn't he point it out before?

    • Anyone notice that there's an underlying joke in Child's Play about how kids' shows are usually ruined by commercialism (that producer) and moralism (Larry)?

  • Allusions

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