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  • Best CN show ever!

    That's all I can say about this show that was also part of my childhood.
  • This show sadly was very, very weird. It was about 3 going into time and correcting historical errors from those who "somehow"erroredof theirhistoricallyways. Uh, what?


    Personally, I found the whole plot kinda silly and ridicoulous.

    Not to mention it felt like a ripoff of Sherman and Peabody.

    I mean, they also basically fixed historical errors to be honest, so it's not thatoriginal.

    But to be honest, the whole idea of fixing history unless there's a good explanation why that makes sense seems really stupid and unnecessary.

    Seriously, why would historical figures all of a sudden not follow history, especially since it's called, "History?"


    Ironically though, the best episode IMO were the ones that had nothing to do with fixing history.

    It was the ones that involved personal conflicts between Tuddrussel and the Larry-3000

    I mean, I thought it was hilarious when the Larry-3000 and Tuddrussel basically drew a line in their base, only to end up on each other's side. XD

    And then the one where the Larry-3000's programming go a muck and ends up being Tuddrussel's slave in terms of giving him burger after burger after burger.

    I'm sorry, but that is just too funny.

    Why in the world weren't there more episodes like this?

    Fixing historical timelines that had no basis to go off track in the fix place seems just a silly and stupid idea.

    So yea, the show was bad, but it wasn't horrible I'll admit.

    And to be honest, I would have loved to have seen aspin offof Tuddrussel and the Larry-3000 basically having to live in a tiny aparment, trying to keep from driving each other nuts.

    Now that would have worth watching.

  • A show ahead of its time, Time Squad appeals to everyone with its funny humor, parodies of historical characters, and wacky stories

    Time Squad was one of those shows that was ahead of its time but it never lived to its full extent. The story is about a cop named Tuddrussel, his robot, Larry, and an orphan they picked up in the 21st century who is also a history whiz named Otto. All three of them together must go back in time and correct any mistakes in the past that famous historical people did. Tuddrussel comes off as the funniest character with him always thinking of violence as the answer and never thinking at all, and watching him fight with Larry is humorous as well. Larry is the more serious of the gang but when he fights Tuddrussel, that's where his humor soars. Otto is usually the most serious but he can be funny from time to time. The stories themselves are very funny to watch, especially the parodies of the historical people. Abraham Lincoln is a criminal, Edgar Allen Poe is a happy person, and Julius Caesar is a fat slob who is destroying Rome. It's just funny to see famous people be the oposite of who they were and each episode will always guarantee you plenty of laughs. The artwork and animation look really good for its time and hasn't aged at all, it still looks fantastic. Time Squad was a great show while it lasted, but it was ahead of its time and got the boot too soon. Hopefully CN or another kids network will pick it up and make new episodes, they didn't even scratch the number of famous people and the parodies they could have done with them. Check this show out of you can, it is worth your time (no pun intended).
  • This was my third favorite series of all of the Cartoon Cartoons.

    Behind Courage the Cowardly Dog and the Powerpuff girls this was my favorite Cartoon Cartoon. by the way, Johnny Bravo takes fourth place. Anyway, Time Squad was simply amazing. It took history and the future and mixed them nicely together in a wacky cartoon way. I actually learned alot from this series, no lie. It was so cool to see people from history in cartoon form. Please, if you have not seen this series then I highly recomend that you see it. Unfortunately I do not know where to find it besides a website called toonamiaftermath.com. This is a cartoon network classic and is extremely underrated!
  • I want it back on TV!

    I really liked this show when it first came on in 2001. This show is really funny, and it will keep you laughing the whole way through. My favorite episode was the one when the Time Squad had to correct Edgar Allen Poe's mistake. Edgar Allen Poe was famous for his dark poetry, and inventing the horror story genre. In the episode however, Edgar was writing happy stories instead of horror stories. The funniest part was when Edgar dressed up like a clown. I was cracked up! All right, now to why I want this show back on TV. This show is better than uhhh..would a Squirrel Boy, Bakugan, Out of Jimmy's Head, Chop Socky Chooks, and Baby Looney Tunes ring a bell? Time Squad is alot more enjoyable, and funny than the listed above shows. I have not seen this show in 5 years, until just yesterday. I watched this show on CN Video. Still, watching Time Squad is better on TV than on the computer. Cartoon Network, put this back on TV PLEASE!!!!! I think your ratings will go up.
  • I remember how much I used to love this show

    It's been a while since I have seen this show on television, but I can remember how much I absolutely loved the show and thought it was hilarious. I liked the concept of a team going back in time to fix history. One of my favorite episodes was when they went back to fix the name of the sandwich, and how Larry's food became more popular than the other guy's "stinky pile of poo." I don't remember much of the episodes, and it has been a very long time since I actually watched Cartoon Network, but if it still shows, I recommend it as an entertaining way to learn about history.
  • This show really got me interested in history.

    I first saw this show in History class. My teacher loved the show and he thought it would get us into history. I dont know about the other kids but it worked for me. I liked the show so much becasue behind every joke of a historical character there is a bit of truth. I love all the characters and the plot is actually really good. When my teacher first told us about the show I thought it was going to be stupid and educational. But no it was funny and somewhat educational. I loved this show and I was really sad when it stopped getting new episodes.
  • Why CN, why did you cancel this awsome show?

    Bring it back man, I loved this show. It was funny, educational, and origional. come one, can't at least 1 producer from CN read our reviews. You'll see that a lot of people miss this show. Every review I read liked and/or missed this show. It taught us all about history and it also had all of that non-boring, fun stuff. I used to watch it all of the time. The guy who played Ottow's voice now voices that idiot Andy from that stupid show Squirll Boy. What a waste of good talent! So bring back that show of whom we all miss!
  • A cop, a robot, and an orphan from the 21st century live on a space satillite in the year 100 million and travel back in time to fix mistakes in history.

    Why on Earth did Cartoon Network cancel this show? It was hilarious, educational, and has a fantastic animation style. All of the episodes of this classic show were amazing. This show really has to be brought back. If they can't make new episodes at least show reruns or release season DVD box sets.
  • Funny.


    Time Warp is one of those shows you never really appreciate until it's gone. I didn't have cable when this show premiered and I really didn't mind not being able to watch it. When I finally got cable back(3 years later) I got to see this show again. It came on at like 1AM in the morning. This show is weird and funny at the same time. It's also accompanied by weirdish animation. I can't remember some of the episodes, but if they bring this show back, I'll watch them all for sure! It was a great show, but short lived.
  • Great show.

    This show as I think of it was a great one because it was funny and specially Tuddrustlel who was the funniest character of them all. This show also had a great storyline and great characters and I really liked the way they Time Traveled because it looked cool and I remember Otto who was the kid and also one of the smartest as I think of him and also Larry who was sometimes funny. The characters from the past became funny when they traveled to their times and I really liked the way they fixed time in history because I think that it was awesome and all. I give this show a 8.9 great rating for my review.
  • Why was this ever canceled?

    I've never really liked history very much, but this show greatly entertained me. Eli Whitney + flesh eating robots = Happy McMuffinDragon

    This show was on air when I was about nine and I didn't know that much about history (and I still don't) but this show taught me a thing or two about Confucius or Marie Curie, even though it wasn't intended to teach, it did.

    Honestly, I wish this was still around, really. It's better than a lot of other shows, no names mentioned. It was funny and loosely edumacational.

    I'd watch it and I buy it if DVDs came around.

  • Why, oh, why did CN cancel that show?

    Why did Cartoon Network have to cancel that show? It was really a good show. You could really learn a lot from history in that show. Why can't Cartoon Network just bring that show back? I really loved that show! Sometimes, I'd fire up my VCR and record an episode of 'Time Squad' in case it got cancelled. But, I've misplaced the video tape somewhere. Hopefully, Cartoon Network will bring the show back with new episodes and some brand new seasons, not to mention, a brand new animation! I really loved that show so much, you would not believe how much I loved it. Cartoon Network, please bring it back! I'm begging you!
  • It's go Time!

    Time Squad is one of Cartoon Networks best shows, it mixes comedy with soem education, so basically you learn something while you laugh! The shows Storyline is very creative, a group of 3 people (or rather 2 people and a robot!) must correct errors from the past to keep the future safe. The shows characters are some of the best you will find, Buck Tudrussel is tough guy of the group, rather than than solving problems with words he prefers to punch and fire off lasers! Larry 3000 is the robot and the sensative type he prefers to have peace and quiet most of the time, he is always fighting with Tudrussel, they are the futuristic odd couple! Otto Osworth is the smart member of the group, he was an orphan living in an old orphanarium before Tudrussel and Larry appeared in his room looking for Eli Whitney, Otto talks Tuddrussel and Larry into taking him with them and... the Time Squad we all know is born! he seems to know every fact in history!! Time Squad is without a doubt one of the best shows to appear on Cartoon Network yet unfortunately it has been canceled but re-runs are showen on Cartoon Networks "Cartoon Cartoon" section so you can catch it there, fans hope to see DVD releases and new episodes but only time can tell.
  • A cartoon that I really enjoy.

    "Time Squad" is a classsic cartoon, for it's about a team go back in time to fix soehting in that era to keep the future straight. I really enjoyed watching it, for it's funny what happens in an era that got messed up. Comic genius! I would once in a while learn something about history but other than that, I would entertain myself with the cartoon. Bring it back! I would learn with this cartoon once in a while but I would laugh about it too!
  • This show was the bomb! They were fools to cancel such a show!

    This show was the bomb! They were fools to cancel such a show! Samurai Jack, at least had reasons why it's series ended, but why cancel Time Squad?! I liked Otto the best. He was a copy off of Sherman from Mr. Peabody. Larry & Tuddrussel were ok though. Hehe.
  • Why do they keeep canceling good shows

    This show was the best and funiest show on the cartoon Network series most of the episodes were funny Larry always tried to be better than Tuddrussel and Tuddrusel sometimes win and Otto every time when a mission showed up he all ready new about the president and tuddrusel always do his pose before teleporting.
  • A sudden light fills his bedroom, and a big guy and a robot appear out of nowhere.

    The Cartoon Network's animated entry Time Squad appeal to both kids and adults, but the slapstick humor is more likely to find an audience with the younger set.

    Considering that the series was created by Emmy winner Dave Wasson, it's surprising that Time Squad isn't more unique. The time-traveling aspect could end up being great fun, but we've seen these characters before. There's nothing new about an uppity and cranky robot (Larry 3000) or a kid who's smarter than the adults around him (Otto). The only character with any distinctive qualities is Tuddrussel, who has an enthusiastic child-like nature.

    While the characters are likeable, the light tone and silly revisionist history aren't likely to give the adult audience much reason to stay tuned either. Episodes feature Betsy Ross as a rock-'n'-roll hippie and Big Al (Albert) Einstein as a used-car salesman. Judging from the pilot episode, it sounds funnier than it plays.
  • A robot, a cop and an orphan boy fix mistakes in History.

    This has got to be one the coolest shows ever made. It used to be my favorite but since they never show it it has been replaced and it is my 5th (I know sad). I watch it all the time on Cartoon Network On Demand. I learned a lot about History from this show and it is my best subject now. I really don't know why CN wouldn't show it anymore.
  • One of the funniest shows ever produced by Cartoon Network. Deserves another shot

    Time Squad's concept was relatively simple at first, Time gets screwed up, hilarity ensues trying to fix it, the problem is fixed in the most unconventional fashion, end of episode. As the series continued, some episodes dealt with personal conflicts between the characters, which I felt to be the most humorous of episodes.

    The main character, Otto Osworth, is pretty much the straightman of the characters meant to mediate affairs between Buck Tuddrussel and The Larry 3000, the real humor in the series. Buck Tuddrussel is a steerotypical texan cowboy character who thinks with his muscles and never seems to take his mask off. The Larry 3000 is a robot, and an extremely effeminate one at that (a joke on the effeminate nature of Star Wars' C-3PO. Ironically enough, Larry is played by Mark Hamill from the same movie series) This ridicules group meets up with some of the most well known people in history, only to further muck-up their lives until they come to terms with their correct history.

    Sadly, the show just "stopped" one day, after insulting president George W Bush. I don't know if that was a factor in the series' cancellation, but whatever the reason, the show deserves to be brought back.
  • cartoon network should bring back why did they cancel it was one of the best shows the had so bring it back it was funnt if they can bring back family guy on fox they can bring back this show some of the other cancel shows years ago.

    this is my first time writing for tv.com so i choose this show the need to bring it back on tv for some more seasons and maybe a mini movie or they can put it on a different network like kidswb or for kids tv or nickeloden that would work.
  • Time Squad had cool theme music. Cool theme music for a cool show.

    Time Squad is another one of my faves. My favorite character is Buck Tuddrussel. He is funny. If it weren't for Tuddrussel, this show probably would've had less humor than it already did. Otto is the brains. He finds out what to do then he tells the others. Larry 3000 is the robot. He cleans the space station, cooks, does laundry, & loads of other stuff. This show definately needs to be on DVD in a season set.
  • this show kicked butt

    Why do they make crappy shows for Cartoon Network when they can show re-runs of Time Squad. I was POed when I found out Time Squad was cancled. I had to recored it in the morning to watch it. Tuddrussel was my favorite character. I hope they bring it back.
  • Time to bring it back.

    Sure a lot of kids don't like history but watching Time Squad makes it fun to learn about history. Time Squad uses humor instead of just boring straight up history lessons from your teacher who really hates her job but is just in it for the money. They should really bring this show back.
  • Why did they cancel it? This show rocked!

    Time Squad was one of Cartoon Network's "Cartoon Cartoons" show. It was about a orphan name Otto Osworth who was "adopted" by a wrestler named Beauregard "Officer Buck" Tuddrussel and a robot named Larry 3000. They save the world by going back to the past, such as Abraham Lincoln and Eli Whitney.
    I really wish Cartoon Network would bring this action-packed show back. Not only do they show new episodes, but they don't even show re-runs anymore (at least in the US). I hope Cartoon Network is listening to this review.