Time Squad

Cartoon Network (ended 2003)


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  • A show ahead of its time, Time Squad appeals to everyone with its funny humor, parodies of historical characters, and wacky stories

    Time Squad was one of those shows that was ahead of its time but it never lived to its full extent. The story is about a cop named Tuddrussel, his robot, Larry, and an orphan they picked up in the 21st century who is also a history whiz named Otto. All three of them together must go back in time and correct any mistakes in the past that famous historical people did. Tuddrussel comes off as the funniest character with him always thinking of violence as the answer and never thinking at all, and watching him fight with Larry is humorous as well. Larry is the more serious of the gang but when he fights Tuddrussel, that's where his humor soars. Otto is usually the most serious but he can be funny from time to time. The stories themselves are very funny to watch, especially the parodies of the historical people. Abraham Lincoln is a criminal, Edgar Allen Poe is a happy person, and Julius Caesar is a fat slob who is destroying Rome. It's just funny to see famous people be the oposite of who they were and each episode will always guarantee you plenty of laughs. The artwork and animation look really good for its time and hasn't aged at all, it still looks fantastic. Time Squad was a great show while it lasted, but it was ahead of its time and got the boot too soon. Hopefully CN or another kids network will pick it up and make new episodes, they didn't even scratch the number of famous people and the parodies they could have done with them. Check this show out of you can, it is worth your time (no pun intended).
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