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  • This show sadly was very, very weird. It was about 3 going into time and correcting historical errors from those who "somehow"erroredof theirhistoricallyways. Uh, what?


    Personally, I found the whole plot kinda silly and ridicoulous.

    Not to mention it felt like a ripoff of Sherman and Peabody.

    I mean, they also basically fixed historical errors to be honest, so it's not thatoriginal.

    But to be honest, the whole idea of fixing history unless there's a good explanation why that makes sense seems really stupid and unnecessary.

    Seriously, why would historical figures all of a sudden not follow history, especially since it's called, "History?"


    Ironically though, the best episode IMO were the ones that had nothing to do with fixing history.

    It was the ones that involved personal conflicts between Tuddrussel and the Larry-3000

    I mean, I thought it was hilarious when the Larry-3000 and Tuddrussel basically drew a line in their base, only to end up on each other's side. XD

    And then the one where the Larry-3000's programming go a muck and ends up being Tuddrussel's slave in terms of giving him burger after burger after burger.

    I'm sorry, but that is just too funny.

    Why in the world weren't there more episodes like this?

    Fixing historical timelines that had no basis to go off track in the fix place seems just a silly and stupid idea.

    So yea, the show was bad, but it wasn't horrible I'll admit.

    And to be honest, I would have loved to have seen aspin offof Tuddrussel and the Larry-3000 basically having to live in a tiny aparment, trying to keep from driving each other nuts.

    Now that would have worth watching.

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