Time Squad - Season 2

Cartoon Network (ended 2003)


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Episode Guide

  • Floral Patton / Orphan Substitute

    Floral Patton: General Patton is running a flower shop. The Time Squad has to help Patton discover for himself that his love for military tactics and lack of human compassion only belong in one place- in the U.S. Army. Orphan Substitute: Tuddrussel and Otto get into a fight while on a mission to visit George W. Bush in 2002. Otto leaves Tuddrussel and Larry to cool off and unfortunately runs into his "Nun too holy" former caretaker Sister Thornly, who quickly steals him back to the orphanage. But Tuddrussel especially does not notice and makes Larry desperately try to find another genius orphan who can help them out.

  • Ex Marks the Spot / Horse of Horrors

    Ex Marks The Spot:
    While on a mission to help Johann Gutenberg in the 1400's, Tuddrussel's unit come across Joan of Arc in his place! Not far off in France, Lt. Sheila Sternwell and XJ5 unit discover that Gutenberg is leading the French army. The two units meet up by chance and have their suspects switch roles. With their missions are quickly solved, and Sheila and Buck start to rekindle their friendship soon afterwards. Their respective robot partners, Larry and XJ-5 are horrified by the possibility that they're falling in love again and plan to stop their romantic evening.

    Horse of Horrors:
    It's Larry's birthday and Tuddrussel has failed to except the idea that even robots celebrate the day they were activated. The alarm blares for Paul Revere. He's supposed to ride into the night warning the townspeople that the British are coming to attack. Only there's one little tiny problem: The guys afraid of horses! In need of a psychiatrist, our heroes have to kidnap Freud and have him psychoanalyze Revere and help him get on a horse before the night is over.

  • Billy the Baby / Father Figure of Our Country

    Billy The Baby:
    The Time Squad encounters Billy the Kid, one of the roughest and toughest outlaws in history. But what's this.... he's not rough or tough, he's a literal big baby?! What will the squad do to get him to be what he is supposed to be? Become outlaws theirselves?

    Father Figure of Our Country:
    Tuddrussel is trying to teach Otto a few things, like how to ride a bike, fishing, and catch, but Tuddrussel is not exactly the best person to. The History Instablility Alarm goes off, and the Squad goes back to help George Washington. Otto, of course, gets very excited. Washington and Otto strike up a friendship, too good of one if you ask Tuddrussel. Washington wants to adopt Otto, and Otto gets caught up in fight over who he rightfully belongs to!

  • Day of the Larrys / Old Timers Squad

    Day of the Larrys Larry, tired of having to clean up after endlessly messy Tuddrussel and Otto, decides to make another Larry out of spare parts. But, as the spare Larry says, "Great software think alike" and, soon, Larrys are getting tired of the chores and are making more Larrys!

    Old Timers Squad:, When our heroes get attached to a soap opera Larry was watching, the alarm goes off for Samuel Morse, inventor of morse code. Soon another squad appears.... it's themselves! But incredibly old and senile versions of themselves, and they have come to give them an terrible message from the future!

  • Out with the In Crowd / Child's Play

    Out with the In Crowd- The gang have to save Dr. Livingstone from cannibals but decide to have a vacation instead! Assuming that the squad is missing in action, Time Squad Headquarters has called upon the talented, and snobbish officers J.T. Laser and Lance 9 Trillion to come rescue them.

    Child's Play- The Time Squad meet Shakespeare, who is doing children's plays! Shakespeare becomes inspired to write a comedic play about the Time Squad, but Larry becomes his censor who tries to make him turn his work to being completely "child-friendly" and void of "entertainment".

  • Whitehouse Weirdness / Nobel Peace Surprise

    Whitehouse Weirdness: The Time Squad go on a Scooby Doo adventure in the supposedly haunted White House.

    Nobel Peace Surprise: Alfred Nobel has become evil and is giving out the Nobel Evil Prize, with many recipients being murderers such as Jack The Ripper and Lizzie Borden. It's up to not only Tuddrussel and the guys, but also Sheila and XJ-5 to put a stop to Nobel's evil plans.

  • Repeat Offender / Ladies and Gentlemen, Monty Zuma

    Repeat Offender: After Tuddrussel shows Otto a prison for "repeat offenders", Time Squad gets a mission--back to Black Beard!? It turns out he's gone back to his old wildlife tricks again, so Tuddrussel has to take him in. But before they can do anything they are sent to ancient Greece to convince Scocrates into being a philosopher, not a fitness instructor, before they can even get back to the satellite. And once the missions complete, they notice that Black Beard has escaped!

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Monty Zuma: After Tuddrussel hurts Larry's feelings, Otto tries to make him more sensitive. They soon get a mission to Montesuma who is giving up being emperor, for stand up comedy! They must keep him from winning the Amature Night contest, but all the other acts are terrible! And Otto's history jokes aren't helping one bit!

  • Love at First Flight / Forget the Alamo

    Love at First Flight It's Otto's birthday and one of his presents is a time squad outfit! But the festivities are interrupted with a mission to see Amelia Earhart, who's turned into a germaphobe! The solution? Teach her on how to be. . .dirty.

    Forget the Alamo The boys are called down to Texas to help the motley crew of troops to defend the Alamo from the Mexican army. But the man in charge, Jeremiah Tuddrussel, Buck Tuddussel's ancestor, is throwing a fiesta for the Mexicans, instead of defending Texas! And Larry tries to help out with the cause! So now it's up to Tuddrussel and Otto to save the mission before General Santa Anna and his men come.

  • The Clownfather / Hate and Let Hate

    The Clownfather While Time Squad goes on a mission to Al Capone, one of the most ruthless mob bosses during the American Prohibition, they are mistaken for three of his mobsters ! You think that's crazy, Capone is having his gansters trade places with clowns! Hate and Let Hate During a mission to help explorer Hernando de Soto, Tuddrussel and Larry are too busy fighting to notice that they left Otto behind! While back on Soto's deserted island, poor Otto's living off of sand and sea water, the other two paint themselves a boarder line--accidentaly painting themselves into eachother's favorite areas and go native.

  • Pasteur Packs O' Punch / Floundering Fathers

    Pasteur's Packs O'Punch Louie Pasteur has become popular for inventing powdered fruit drinks rather than pasteurized milk. And with Larry having an on/off malfuntion from an electrical shock, they may have a bit of trouble.

    Floundering Fathers Time Squad goes to help Ben Franklin. But how can they? What did he do that was so great to begin with? Those questons go through Tuddrussel and Larry's heads when they have to leave Otto behind because a bad cold he developed durring their previous mission to Russia. Now the two have to go alone into the mission--and the disaster they've always experienced before Otto came!

  • A Thrilla at Attila's / Cabin Fever

    A Thrilla at Attila's:
    After returning from an exausting mission to Attila the Hun, Time Squad is having a hard time deciding whose description of their adventure to believe!

    Cabin Fever:
    When the guys wish for the alarm not to go off for a while after a particularly rough mission, their wish becomes reality and the Time Squad becomes free to do what ever they want, when they want. But trouble soon sets in and Tuddrussel and Larry start to loose it.