Time Team

Season 10 Episode 13

Appleby, Cumbria

Aired Sunday 5:45 PM Mar 30, 2003 on Channel 4



  • Trivia

    • During the course of the episode Phil Harding managed to sneak a chocolate bar into Jim's cell whilst the turnkey was busy elsewhere.

  • Quotes

    • Tony: We've got plans come out of our ears. What the heck are we doing here? Why are we bothering to dig?
      Neil: Well the thing about plans is that plans express are what people were intending to do, there's a big question about whether or not the intention is turned into a reality on the ground. We want to know whether or not the plans match up when we actually dig up the archaeology.
      Tony: We simply don't have the time or man-power to strip this whole car park, although knowing Time Team, we'll have a good try.

    • Tony: (v.o.) Yesterday, Phil established that Trench one was the location of the 1870's treadmill, but he also uncovered this drain, which we now believe to be part of a toilet block from an earlier phase of the gaol.
      Phil: Oooh look at that. Now that looks very juicy, doesn't it? That is probably teeming with organics, it is so rich you could grow tomatoes in that, I can tell you.

    • Tony: It's now time to incarcerate our willing volunteer convict, or Jim to his friends. Jim, this is it.
      Jim: I'll come quietly.
      Tony: Good luck, mate.
      Jim: Thank you very much
      Tony: (Once Jim is out of earshot) Archaeologists and crew, can I have a word? We want to do this properly with Jim so for the next 24 hours, nobody talks to him, nobody jokes, no slipping him bits of food. He really is going to be in a 19th Century prison regime. Absolutely persona non gratis.

    • Jim: Real food, its got taste!

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