Time Team

Season 10 Episode 8

Athelney, Somerset

Aired Sunday 5:45 PM Feb 23, 2003 on Channel 4



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    • Tony: So we can start the trenches?
      John: You can start the trenches
      Tony: I think that is the first time in a hundred programmes that's he's generously said yeah you can start the trenches. Take him at his word.
      Bob: We will, we will.
      Mick: Let's get cracking.

    • Mick: Hello there Dave, where's this wall then?
      David: Well it's supposed to be about here I think.
      Mick: Well I know where it's supposed to be but this is a trench distinguished by lack of wall.

    • Mick: We've got a real problem here in trying to understand whether these are burials intact or they've arrived as scree or whatever, what we really need to sort out is how this wall fits into it that showed up on the geophysics.
      Phil: Well I think I've sorted it actually.
      Mick: Oh right, I'll go back over there then.

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