Time Team

Season 19 Episode 9

Caerleon, Newport

Aired Sunday 5:45 PM Mar 25, 2012 on Channel 4



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    • Tony: Caerleon, just outside Newport, South Wales. Two thousand ago this place was the fortress home of a mighty roman legion and just recently a team of archaeologists working here have come up with some stunning discoveries. Their finds include some dazzling jewellery and fine carved objects. But even more exciting than that, they've identified dozens of new roman structures.
      These buildings appear to be bigger and more extensive than anyone could have imagined so when were they built and why? And was this place more significant that people previously thought? Only by digging can we hope to understand what these new buildings might be and why they were put here. So Time Team is heading to Caerleon for three days to lend some mind and muscle power we'll be helping out in anyway we can. Together can we crack the mystery of one of the great sites of Roman Britain?

    • Caroline: Have you got your trowel?
      Matt: I have indeed, always got my trowel with me

    • Phil: What it means is this monumental complex; the courtyard surface may actually have had quite rudimentary buildings. It gives you a totally different impression of what was going on in here, people were living, well I don't know that they were living here but certainly working in here, and there would have been buildings in here.

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