Time Team

Season 16 Episode 4

Caerwent, South Wales

Aired Sunday 5:45 PM Jan 25, 2009 on Channel 4



  • Quotes

    • Tony: This is our first trench, trench number one and it came down bang on the money, there's roman structures everywhere. We've got a wall here that I'm standing on and next to it there's another wall, but that seems to be of another period, and we've got another one here but that doesn't seem to tie in to this one here, and we've got a little wall here, is that part of this wall here, and is that wall there part of this one here that's parallel to it and do either of them have anything to do with this one which is underneath them? How deep are we going to have to dig in order to find out the answer to any of those questions? No one knows the answer to any of that yet.