Time Team

Season 17 Episode 6

Cunetio, Wiltshire

Aired Sunday 5:45 PM May 23, 2010 on Channel 4



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    • Tony: See this? That is ten Roman coins. If I found these all together in the ground, they'd officially constitute an archaeological "hoard". So imagine finding this many coins. 55,000 to be precise. That was the size of Britain's largest coin hoard found here in this Wiltshire field. But, take a look at this. I'm standing roundabout here. These crop marks are Roman walls. But the scale means they're about a kilometre long. So, could I be standing outside an entire Roman town?
      Welcome to Cunetio. A field full of giant walls and lost buildings, about which we know almost nothing. This is the single largest site we've ever attempted to investigate. And, as usual... In tres diebus novis cognus endois. That's "Three days to dig it."