Time Team

Season 12 Episode 4

Drumlanrig, Dumfries

Aired Sunday 5:45 PM Jan 23, 2005 on Channel 4



  • Trivia

    • RCAHMS is the abbreviation for the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland

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    • Tony: I can't remember a Time Team when so many of the archaeologists were so confident that we're actually going to find what we're looking for, but pride comes before the fall, Gentlemen.

    • Tony: It is 11:20 on the first day and everyone is very excited, except me. I think probably the main reason I feel so sceptical is the one thing I know about Roman sites is that you get loads of pottery, but here the only pottery anyone has ever stumbled on it one piece, this. (holding a half base sherd)

    • Tony Wilmott: The headquarters building that we have here is the centre of the site.
      Guy: Yeah, absolutely
      Tony Wilmott: It's not only the military centre of the site it's also the cult centre of the site and right in the heart of the headquarters building you've got the chapel of the standards which is where literally the standards are laid up and venerated, where
      Mick: An occult centre really.
      Tony Wilmott: Yes, occult centre, of the imperial cult, where the military aspect of the cult are performed.
      Guy: Yes but there is a special factor here, because in many cases the whole fort would have been built out of stone, but what's interesting here is that that's the only building they've got around to building in stone.
      Tony Wilmott: Absolutely reinforcing its importance.
      Guy: They put what resources they had into this building.
      Tony: Well if they have, then we should too.

    • Tony: Phil, do you reckon that you are down on top of the headquarters?
      Phil: How the hell should I know that Tony? I've only just opened the trench; we've only just cleaned it up.
      Tony: Ok, can I ask you a different way, why did you out your trench here rather than in the middle of the forest?
      Phil: Ah well that is a different question altogether. Working from the principle of the known to the unknown, we've definitely have the headquarters building there; we think we've probably got the corner of it in here.
      Tony: It's quite patchy, this earth.
      Mick: This looks like the same destruction stuff we've had elsewhere, it is charcoal and daub.
      Phil: Yeah I mean this is massive burning, really big heavy burning. But you know, like I said we've only just opened the trench
      Mick: You're telling us to go away aren't you and leave you get on with it
      Phil: I'm trying to be polite.
      Mick: Yeah, I can see that
      Tony: (Smiling) It didn't work, see ya.

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