Time Team

Season 16 Episode 1

Friars Wash, Hertfordshire

Aired Sunday 5:45 PM Jan 04, 2009 on Channel 4



  • Quotes

    • Tony: In 55BC when Julius Caesar first arrived in Britain, he reported seeing druids, human sacrifices, unspeakable acts by Britons in honour of their Celtic Gods. A hundred years later, Rome introduced its own religion into Britain with yes, more blood and gore and lots of pomp and theatre. And where did they do all this? In temples of course, not that Time Team's had much luck finding any. That was until we were shown this aerial photograph. Look at these square features; they stick out a bit don't they? Even the most sceptical archaeologists think that these are Romano British temples. So will the gods at last look down favourably upon us for three days in this Hertfordshire field? Surely we can find one this time.