Time Team

Season 10 Episode 5

Greenwich, London

Aired Sunday 5:45 PM Feb 02, 2003 on Channel 4



  • Trivia

    • The reconstruction armourer is referred to only as 'Master M'. The Master being his title as an accredited armourer, and the M in some way related to his first name Emrys. His family name is never revealed.

  • Quotes

    • Tony (standing in the rain) Well, mid-summer, typical Time Team weather. Gave we got any idea where this armoury actually is?
      Julian: Well within the complex of Greenwich Palace, we know it's this side of the priory building, we know it's east of a stable block, which is over there, we know it's east of a Tudor tavern in the corner, so yes we're looking somewhere in this corner, precisely where we don't know.
      Tony: John, can geophysics help?
      John: Not really, we've done some work already and it's just too complicated, we need more time.
      Tony: Maps, Stewart?
      Stewart: We have no maps of this period, so I can't help you there.
      Tony: Mick, help.
      Mick: Well I think we're back to first principles we just got to dig a trench and see what's there.

    • Stewart: How you getting on, Phil?
      Phil: Well there's plenty of archaeology here, but I'm afraid I don't think much of it is Tudor. On this side the whole of the trench has been cut away by this drain, not only that we appear to have another drain in here, with this gap, big enough to get your fingers in. It looks like the only possible area where we might have a bit of stratigraphy that might relate to the armoury is in that small area at that end.
      Stewart: I'm still optimistic Phil, you've still got some potential in there.
      Phil: But, but, but, but I mean, look we spent all day yesterday up there and how much of an area did we get? A little tiny bit at the end.
      Stewart: Yeah
      Phil: We put in another trench here and we've come straight down onto drains and bricks. This isn't just our bad luck; it looks like this entire area has been well and truly turned over.
      Stewart: I'm still optimistic, give that drain another go.
      Phil: You ain't got to dig 'em, have you?

    • Tony: Yesterday it felt like we were a long way from this point, yet now just two hours into day three things are looking very different, with a total of five trenches open. We've got Tudor walls in two and four, demolition rubble in three and grand hopes for trench five. It can only be a matter of time before we can map out Henry's great tiltyard.

    • Tony: (having his breastplate fitted) It's rather snug.
      Emrys: Yes, it's actually getting there, but it's really important now I get some final measurements
      Tony: This is like a suit fitting
      Emrys: It's more than a suit fitting, because as I said before, you can't flex in this.
      Tony: Well presumably someone like Henry VIII wouldn't have time to keep coming back to get it fitted.
      Emrys: Well, Henry did because he was really into is armour that's why they set the workshop up here in the first place, but most people would send a wax or a plaster cast. It actually sort of works on you, doesn't it.
      Tony: More or less
      Emrys: Does that feel comfortable there, sir?
      Tony: Feels fine, pockets?
      Emrys: I don't think so sir, I shall refrain from saying 'suits you'.

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