Time Team

Season 18 Episode 7

Groby, Leicestershire

Aired Sunday 5:45 PM Mar 20, 2011 on Channel 4



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    • Philippa Gregory, the guest historian also wrote a book about the family who owned the land of this episode, The White Queen

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    • Tony : If there is one thing Time Team's taught me it's that peoples homes and gardens can contain some pretty amazing archaeology, and the don't come any better that this. See this wall here, that is medieval, and that tower there, that is part of a 15th century brick manor house. Oh yeah and that hump there? That is the remains of a Norman Castle.

      But what is more extraordinary is that all these buildings spanning over six centuries of history were once owned by the same extraordinary family which include a Norman Lord who fought in the Battle of Hastings, and later a Queen of Medieval England so our task in three days is to recreate six centuries worth of posh residences. Just hope we're still standing at the end of it.

    • Phil: There's a big stone there, look

      Mick: You know what they say, Phil. One stone's a stone; two stones are a Norman Castle.

      Tony: (v.o.) Or in my neck of the woods it's just a couple of stones.

    • Tony: Philippa, I know how fascinated you are with the Grey's, but have you got a favourite?

      Philippa: Well my big favourite is Elizabeth Woodville, who married into the grey family. She gets married about 1452 and she marries Sir John Grey and they have two boys, but when the Wars of the Roses start, he volunteers and he goes to fight for Lancaster, and tragically he is killed in the second battle of Albans leading the cavalry charge, So Elizabeth suddenly finds herself a widow and her mother-in-law, Lady Ferrers won't pay her dower. She has no recourse to anybody, except really to the King, Edward IV who happens to be recruiting in the neighbourhood and the story is that she goes out; she stops him on the road and tells him that she needs his justice. Nobody knows exactly what happened, it happened between the two of them, but a month later they are married in secret, and he has to profess to his entire court that he's married this girl from, in a sense, nowhere.

      Tony: So a Queen of England could once have been sitting here in her own garden.

      Philippa: A Queen of England undoubtedly sat here.

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