Time Team

Season 12 Episode 13

Hanslope, Milton Keynes

Aired Sunday 5:45 PM Apr 03, 2005 on Channel 4



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    • Helen: The site's starting some time around 1100, we know it's still going sometime around 1200 what about the end?
      Paul: Well round here there's a major medieval pottery industry, at Potterspury which is just three miles down the road. This industry started about 1250, now if you excavate a site dating to the late 13th or 14th century around here you find masses of that pottery and I do mean masses it completely dominates the pottery sherds, but there isn't one single scrap of it on this site.
      Helen: Gosh so it was completely abandoned.
      Paul: It must have been.

    • Tony: Two thirds of the way through day one and we seems to have this extraordinary mismatch, on one hand we've got all those beautiful finds that seem to imply a whole host of buildings but in the ground you can hardly find any archaeology at all. I don't know what's going on, and quite frankly I don't think the archaeologists do either.

    • Tony: Mick I know you think this is a pig of a site, but Jonathan has come up with a fabulous theory that might ease your grumpiness a bit
      Mick: Go on then
      Jonathan: Ok, day one I said it's a mystery site, right so the theory is this, no one actually lives here. It's a pig processing plant.
      Mick: (incredulously) Right.
      Tony: Go on, justify it, given the rubble that you've got in front of you.
      Jonathan: It's very small for a house. It could still be a peasant hovel. But I'm suggesting the pigs are brought in possibly water is heated; scald the pigs you know, de-hair them and then maybe it's some kind of smokehouse. Those weird metal clamps you found might have been for pig's legs.
      Tony: You know when he told me this I thought it was brilliant, but you're the Professor, so?
      Mick: Well, the thing that might help is the Domesday book for this particular manor lists 1000 pigs for the manor, using the woods surrounding for grazing that's a hell of a lot of pigs to have around.

    • Alan: Your Norman Knights rode ponies that were about 12 hands in height.
      Phil: Oh you're laughing they were big warriors, they've got enormous horses.
      Alan: Have a look at this, (producing a facsimile of the Bayeux Tapestry) look where the men's feet are, look how close they are to the ground.
      Phil: Couldn't that just be artistic licence?
      Alan: No because we have excavations of bones from horses, that scaled up would have been 12 or 13 hands, maximum height.
      Phil: Right ok, so maybe this one here.
      Alan: What's your horse's name?
      Boy: Murphy.
      Alan: Hello Murphy.
      Tony: (v.o.) at first sight, Phil thought the bit looked like an instrument of torture, but the Normans seemed to have known what they were doing. Murphy accepts it without fuss.
      Alan: He doesn't seem to be protesting too much.
      Phil: No, I'm amazed.
      Alan: We've prepared your warhorse, Sir Phillip.
      Phil: What? Is that alright? Is it alright for me to ride your horse?
      Boy: Yes
      Tony: Need a hand up?
      Alan: To you Tony, this must seem like a mighty charger.

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    • Tony: 800 years ago England was far from a green and pleasant land

      Tony's quote comes from the final stanza of William Blake's Jerusalem

      I will not cease from mental fight,
      Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand,
      Till we have built Jerusalem
      In England's green and pleasant land

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