Time Team

Season 18 Episode 3

High Ham, Somerset

Aired Sunday 5:45 PM Feb 20, 2011 on Channel 4



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    • Tony: Back in the days of Queen Victoria, an amateur archaeologist made an intriguing discovery underneath these Somerset fields; two Roman mosaics. Have a look at this drawing; see the detail in that rose pattern there? Cracking evidence of a Roman villa. But that's not all; experts think there could be even better mosaics still down there although there's a very good reason why they haven't tried to look.

      For the last 100 years this whole area has been an Army firing range. So for three days the guns are going to fall silent, allowing us to finish the job that started a hundred and fifty years ago.

    • Tony: Tracey, there's excited whispers from the other trench that you've found a little bit of the mosaic.

      Tracey: We have Tony, yeah. You can see we've got a little bit in here, and another little bit beyond where Raksha's working.

      Raksha: A little bit of the mosaic, come on Tony it's carrying on underneath here so I think we're going to have to extend the trench back this way.

      Tony: There's a gap in the middle there, do you think you've accidentally hit it?

      Raksha: No, we didn't hit it. It's most probably plough damage. If you look at the section, we're not that far from the top.

    • Phil: So, you'd be living in a Villa like this, I'd be living in a round-house.

      Neil: That's exactly how it would be.

    • Phil: Until we get a windbreak, we aint digging out there.

      Tony: For even Phil to down tools for the first time in 18 years, things must be bad. It's turning out to be one of the hardest digs we've ever had.

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