Time Team

Season 12 Episode 2

Nether Poppleton, Yorkshire

Aired Sunday 5:45 PM Jan 09, 2005 on Channel 4



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    • Mick: That little child burial you know, it's typical of what you find all over the place. It's probably an infant that died in childbirth and its parents have just popped it in the churchyard, probably one night, to save themselves paying the burial fee but to make sure the child is in consecrated ground.

    • Tony: Across the village even more test pits are opening up. There are now 32 of them. Three o'clock day one and this whole area is chequered with tests pits, there is one down there by that yellow bucket, and two gardens along there's one over there, and then three gardens along by that guy in the red hat there's one and then way, way at the end of that same garden by that blue tarpaulin is another one, and what have we found so far? Absolutely nothing.

    • Phil: Well I'm down here in the deepest part of the hole, about 80cm down, and I've got two nice bits of early medieval pottery and I think I've got a pair of legs, down here.
      David: A pair of legs?
      Phil: Legs, yes
      David: Are sure they're not roots; all I've found is loads and loads of worms and roots down here.
      Phil: (after a long pause) No I think they're legs. They seem to have marrow in the middle, I'm sure it's legs.

    • Tony: Stewart, after 12 years on Time Team, even I know, that's not Saxon archaeology.
      Stewart: It's a type of Saxon you've never seen before.
      Tony: What were you doing here?
      Stewart: What we've got is a series of regular earthworks, in a regular layout which we're interested in, we want to know what they were and we've got a piece of wall exposed, can you see that there?
      Tony: Yep, yep.
      Stewart: Well we dug a trench because wanted to know what it was and look we've got this really well built brick wall, with what appears to be Tudor bricks in it.
      Tony: What do you think it might be?
      Stewart: Well we've actually put another hole in and that's full of building rubble, all the debris from a collapsed building and I think what we've probably got here is an unknown Tudor building.
      Tony: Really unknown?
      John: Completely, I mean I've walked over this field more times than I care to remember with dozens of other people and we've walked past that wall and the idea of a Tudor mansion hasn't just popped into our minds. Yet after you've seen the aerial photographs, and listened to Stewart talking about it, it's quite clear that we've got this platform surrounded by these intricate earthworks, which seems to indication a previously unknown Tudor house with its garden around it.

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