Time Team

Season 13 Episode 8

Queenborough, Kent

Aired Sunday 5:45 PM Mar 12, 2006 on Channel 4



  • Trivia

    • John Taylor's 40-mile journey stood as the world-record distance travelled in a paper boat until Tim FitzHigham broke it for Comic Relief in 2003.

  • Quotes

    • Tony: This unprepossessing mound on the Isle of Sheppey may not look much, but underneath here are the remains of the last great royal palace of the medieval period. Queenborough Castle was built by King Edward the third for his beloved Queen Philippa and by all accounts it was a very impressive and important building. Although strangely, very few images of it remain and those that there are seem to contradict each other. Some give it round outer walls for instance, others give it square ones. So, what was it like and what was it for, was it essentially defensive or could it have been a retreat from the plague which was currently sweeping through Europe?

    • Phil: Tear along the dotted line this'll be.
      John: It isn't a very straight line, Phil.
      Phil: There's nothing wrong with the spray can, it's the tape that aint straight!

    • Mick: Phil?
      Phil: Yep?
      Mick: How you getting on?
      Phil: Well I've lost the castle, Mick
      Mick: You've lost the castle? That's very careless of you.
      Phil: You see we're supposed to have along this side here somewhere, the front of the rotunda. We've got a pointer, look there's that road iron behind you.
      Mick: Yeah, I see
      Phil: It ought to come through here somewhere but all we've got is clay
      Mick: Is this the natural that you've got here, this clay?
      Phil: Well it looks it but, there's chalk in it.
      Mick: Oh, yeah
      Phil: Shouldn't have chalk in the clay
      Mick: Something is contaminating it then.
      Phil: Yep, just don't know what, yet.

    • Tony: Queenborough is the stort of place that's just awash with bizarre stories. My favourite is about a chap called John Taylor, who was a Thames ferryman who called himself the 'water poet', and in the year 1614 he made this extraordinary journey from London all the way to Queenborough in a boat made of paper, and to help us recreate that magical moment I've got a pair of nutters here, this is Stephen and this is Tim.

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