Time Team

Sunday 5:45 PM on Channel 4 Premiered Jan 16, 1994 In Season


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  • Follow a team of archaeologists for three days and what do you get - an informative show full of great entertainment and lots of interesting historical finds (well, sometimes!).

    Time Team is an informative and fascinating show that follows a team of archaeologists as they try to discover what historical secrets lie just below the ground, and in true Time Team style, they have just 3 days to do it!

    I think this is a great series - Tony Robinson (Baldrick from Black Adder) as the host is wonderfull to watch - he asks the questions that the averidge viewer is thinking, for example, "how do you know that's a stone age spearhead, It just looks like a broken stone to me!", but he does it in a way that's not patronising to the rest of the team.

    The archaeologists that appear on the show know so much about there specialist field that they always give an insightfull view on that particular area of history. Phil Harding is my personal favorite, he always has so much enthusiasm for the project it really adds to the enjoyment of watching.

    In all, a great show that's informative, historicaly interesting and above all, great entertainment. A fantastic concept, well worth watching.

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