Time Team - Season 16

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  • Blythburgh, Suffolk
    Blythburgh, Suffolk
    Episode 13
    Skeleton's in the Shed

    Tony Robinson and the team investigate a back garden in Blythburgh, Suffolk, where a cupboard full of human skulls was discovered in the potting shed. The archaeologists believe the site could yield the remains of a medieval priory and the body of a Saxon warrior king killed on the nearby marshes. However, the buildings fail to materialise and burials are uncovered in strange locations.moreless
  • Ulnaby, County Durham
    The Hollow Way The distinctive grass-covered remains of the deserted medieval village of Ulnaby are a landmark in the Durham countryside. And although they've been photographed, surveyed and written about, they've never been dug. But now Tony Robinson and the Team have been invited to physically unearth the secrets of one of the best-preserved archaeological sites in Britain.moreless
  • Warboys, Cambridgeshire
    Beacon of the Fens Tony Robinson and the team brave the elements in East Anglia to investigate a mysterious site that may have been a spiritual centre for thousands of years. Chapel Hill, set in the windswept expanse of the Fens, is one of the smallest hills in the country and continues to baffle archaeologists. As the dig begins and finds are uncovered, the site's history is slowly revealed.moreless
  • Lincoln's inn, London
    Called to the Bar Forsaking the usual attractions of a muddy field, Tony Robinson and the Team don their wigs and best suits in the hope of blending in with the posh surroundings of Lincoln's Inn in London. Amidst the grand buildings that make up one of the world's oldest and most distinguished law societies, they have been asked to discover the remains of a 13th-century palace that belonged to Henry III's Lord Chancellor.moreless
  • Looe, Cornwall
    Looe, Cornwall
    Episode 9
    Hermit Harbour The team descend on a tiny Cornish island that legend says was once visited by Jesus Christ. With such a claim to fame, the tiny chapel on Looe Island became a magnet for medieval pilgrims and many perished on the short but treacherous crossing from the mainland. In a dig frustrated by rising rides and the discovery of mystery burials, archaeologists piece together evidence of one of Britain's earliest Christian sites.moreless
  • Colworth, Bedfordshire
    Mystery of the Ice Cream Villa Tony Robinson and the Team are invited to investigate a Bedfordshire field by a keen group of amateur archaeologists who also just happen to be some of the country's leading experts in the science of ice cream! Over the years, in the spare minutes between testing wafers, cornets and vanilla flavours, they've found countless pieces of Roman pottery, coins and building material. The field is thought to have once been home to a grand Roman villa. However the dig proves to be a tough one, with the trench failing to deliver the evidence that everyone was expecting.moreless
  • Radcot, Oxfordshire
    Anarchy in the UK Tony and the team attempt to uncover the remains of a large medieval castle buried under a waterside field in Oxfordshire. It soon becomes apparent the site is more complex than first thought, with artefacts from the 12th and 17th centuries being unearthed.
  • Salisbury Cathedral, Wiltshire
    Buried Bishops and Belfries Tony Robinson and the team have a prized opportunity to dig in the grounds of Salisbury Cathedral, and in three days reveal the long lost bell tower, plus evidence of those who built the church. The discovery of bones in an area that once housed the Cathedral's most powerful bishop pushes the team's investigative powers to the limit, with further finds resulting in the team having to re-write the building's history at the conclusion of their dig.moreless
  • Risehill, North Yorkshire
    Blood, Sweat & Beers Tony Robinson and the team head to the Yorkshire Dales for an archaeological first as they investigate a settlement built by railway navvies, arguably the toughest and most lawless breed of the Victorian era. The team uncover the houses and workshops of the Risehill camp, built during the construction of the Settle to Carlisle railway, and discover the story of a resilient community who survived the harsh environment and poor working conditions to produce a monument that is still in use today.moreless
  • Caerwent, South Wales
    Toga Town Tony Robinson and the team head to the small village of Caerwent in Wales, one of the country's best preserved Roman sites. The archaeologists excavate a prime location that has previously been untouched, revealing a whole host of finds including a maze of walls and a villa.
  • Knockdhu, County Antrim
    Heroes' Hill Time Team brave the harsh conditions of fierce winds, strong rain and getting lost in thick fog to reveal the secrets of one of the biggest man-made monuments at Knockdhu in the County Antrim, Northern Ireland. The headland at Knockdhu on the County Antrim coast offers breathtaking views - on a clear day you can see Scotland - and also one of the most testing digs Time Team have ever undertaken. Working together with archaeologists from Queens University in Belfast, Tony Robinson and the team excavate the ditches and banks used by prehistoric tribes to defend the remote hillside site. After three days of work, the pieces begin to fall into place and reveal the work of a sophisticated society.moreless
  • Scargill Castle, County Durham.
    The Wedding Present Tony Robinson and the team investigate a very unusual wedding present, Scargill Castle in Durham. When two archaeologists married, groom Neil Hammond gave his bride Caroline a ruined castle as a wedding present. However, the castle was reputed to have been a medieval stronghold in a violent era of battles between English and Scottish kings. The team spend three days exploring the history and layout of the site in order to paint a true picture of what the castle looked like in its prime.moreless
  • Friars Wash, Hertfordshire
    The Trouble With Temples The Time Team crew travel to a field in Hertfordshire in search of a Roman temple site, an archaeological find which has eluded the team throughout the years. The dig begins promisingly as they start to find walls, Roman bricks and tiles, and what appears to be a temple-like shape. As more of these shapes begin to appear, the team is stretched to capacity, and they soon realise they have uncovered not just one, but a complex of four Roman temples - a site of national importance.moreless
  • TT Special 42 Dover Castle

    Since it was built by Henry II in 1180, Dover Castle has towered over Kent's iconic White Cliffs defending our shores. The truth, however, is, that the castle was initially built as a calling card for the newly formed British nation rather than a defensive fort. For 12th Century standards, the castle was a grand extravagance, furnished with opulent tapestries and fittings.

  • TT Special 41 Stonehenge, Wiltshire

    The Secret of Stonehenge

    Stonehenge is the nation's most famous monument. For centuries, its age and purpose have been subject to speculation, excavation and fantasy. But over the last six years, a huge new team of archaeologists have been digging not just the monument but the entire prehistoric landscape that focuses on Stonehenge, to reveal the truth about this near-mythical place and crack its secrets.

  • TT Special 40 Henry VIII's Lost Palaces

    Special edition of the archaeological series to mark the 500th anniversary of Henry VIII's accession to the throne. By the end of his reign, Henry had no fewer than 55 buildings to his name, many of which he had designed, built or renovated himself. Tony Robinson and the team revisit some of his greatest works and delve into the personal life of the notorious monarch