Time Team - Season 5

Sunday 5:45 PM on Channel 4 Premiered Jan 16, 1994 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • High Worsall, North Yorkshire
    Medieval Village The Team is in High Worsall, near Middlesbrough. It has long been known that there is a deserted medieval village here but no idea how or why the population apparently disappeared into thin air.
  • Downpatrick, County Down
    Saint Patrick's first church In a sleepy corner of Northern Ireland, surprisingly close to the bustle of Belfast, lies the market town of Downpatrick, an eminently respectable place which could proudly boast that nothing very exciting had happened there for centuries. However before that upon Cathedral Hill St Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland built his first settlement, and the team are sent to investigate the site that also boast s Bronze-Age encampments and later Benedictine monasteries.moreless
  • Aston Eyre, Shropshire
    Medieval Manor House At this dig, the Team's efforts are concentrated as much above the ground as beneath. They travel to Aston Eyre, where a farmhouse converted from a medieval gatehouse is just the starting point for three days of hard work. Behind it is the derelict Old Hall that, in the 14th century, was the great hall of the lord of the manor. Over the centuries, the hall has been greatly altered but as the layers are peeled away the deserted manor comes to life. And from the written records of the period, a poignant tale about the fate of the family who lived in the manor house comes to light.moreless
  • Deya, Mallorca, Spain
    Copper Age Settlement The team visits Mallorca in pursuit of the Beaker people, an enigmatic culture thought by some to have been responsible for the introduction of metal work into Britain. The team work on the three main sites of the Maze, the Son Mas sanctuary, and the San Oleza settlement.moreless
  • Turkdean, Gloucestershire
    One of the largest Romano-British villa complexes ever found in Britain

    Tony Robinson and the team return to the site of the live dig in 1997 which unearthed a massive Roman villa complex in the Cotswolds. They discover that the villa dates from the very first days of the Roman occupation. Amongst their new finds is an entire, untouched Roman water course.moreless
  • Orkney, Scotland
    Orkney, Scotland
    Episode 4
    9th Century Viking Graves The team go in search of evidence of the invasion of the Vikings, and its influence on ancient Britain. They travel to the Orcadian island of Sanday to try to find out whether four mysterious mounds there are evidence of a Viking settlement or even a Viking burial site.moreless
  • Greylake, Somerset
    Greylake, Somerset
    Episode 3
    Bronze Age Trackway The team go to the Somerset levels in search of a 4,000-year-old wooden trackway. The quickest way to get across the marshes that used to exist here in the Bronze and Iron Ages was across wooden walkways. Now they hope to find evidence of these footbridges.
  • Richmond, Surrey
    Richmond, Surrey
    Episode 2
    Royal Palace at Trumpeters House

    This time the Team look at the grounds of Trumpeters House, in Richmond, near London. Records show it was the site of a royal palace from the time of Edward III through to Elizabeth I, who died there. Destroyed during Cromwell's Commonwealth, the site has lain unexcavated ever since and the team are aiming to find the remains of the inner sanctum of the royal apartments.moreless
  • Bawsey, Norfolk
    Time Team Live Event.
    Anglo-Saxon Settlement
    An enigmatic ruined Norman church on a small mound in the middle of Norfolk farmland was the focus of this year's live broadcasts. Aerial photographs revealed a large ditched enclosure around the site, and metal detectorists working closely with the local archaeological unit unearthed a staggering amount of finds, ranging chronologically from the Bronze and Iron Ages to Roman, Saxon and medieval.moreless
  • TT Special 1 Much Wenlock, Shropshire

    As a curtain-raiser for the new (1998) series of Time Team, which started in January, Tony and the Team gathered to celebrate the festive season with a look back over the last five years and the archaeological odyssey that had taken them from prehistoric Oxfordshire to the dawning of modern age technology in Victorian Britain.