Time Team - Season 8

Sunday 5:45 PM on Channel 4 Premiered Jan 16, 1994 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Winchester, Hampshire
    The Leper Hospital.
  • Canterbury, Kent
    Canterbury, Kent
    Episode 11
    Three Tales of Canterbury
  • Bridgnorth, Shropshire
    The Leaning Tower of Bridgnorth.

    A 70-feet-tall Norman tower and some other stonework is all that's left of a great castle built 900 years ago and around which grew up the town of Bridgnorth in Shropshire. The castle was occupied for around five centuries, surviving at least four lengthy sieges until finally it fell to Cromwell's army in the English Civil War. He left it much as it is today, leaning at an angle of 15 degrees, three times more than the famous leaning tower of Pisa. The rest of it is gone, destroyed or plundered along with all of the town's early records.moreless
  • Lindisfarne, Northumberland
    The Holy Island After it ceased to be a centre for Christian monks in the 1530s, Lindisfarne, or Holy Island, off the far north-east English coast, became a military base. There was a garrison there for 250 years, and the island is as full of military archaeology as it is religious. The Team came to investigate a field in the middle of the island's village, known locally, for no obvious reason, as Palace Field.moreless
  • Basildon, Berkshire
    The Inter-City Villa.

    When Brunel built his railway in the Goring Gap in 1838, the remains of a Roman villa, complete with mosaics were discovered. Historical evidence suggests that the mosaics were broken up by the navvies who built the railway, and sold them "under the potent influence of the current coin of the realm".

    The Team try to find out if any of the mosaics remain, or if they - along with the villa - were totally destroyed when the railway was built.moreless
  • Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire
    An Iron-Age Roundhouse on Salisbury Plain.

    Salisbury Plain - 300 square miles of England on which, the British army trains its soldiers. The area is also rich in archaeology and due to the presence of the army, it's all undisturbed and protected.

    The Team are called in to help gather enough evidence to get the site 'scheduled' - legally protected.moreless
  • Rycote, Oxfordshire
    A Palace Sold for Scrap.
  • Blaenafon, Torfaen, Wales
    The Lost Viaduct. The biggest hole the Team have ever dug.
  • Whittington, Gloucestershire
    A Waltham Villa

    Waltham field, in the village of Whittington, just outside Cheltenham. Time Team have come in to hunt for a Roman villa, after the tenant farmer's daughter literally tripped over evidence of an early Roman structure while out with her father in the field.
  • Llygadwy, Wales
    Llygadwy, Wales
    Episode 3
    The Celtic Spring.
  • Alderton, Northamptonshire
    The Man Who Bought a Castle.
  • Normanton, Lincolnshire
    An Anglo-Saxon Cemetery
  • TT Special 12 Rocky Mountains, Montana, USA

    Digging for Dinosaurs

    Tony Robinson and Phil Harding travelled to the Rocky Mountains in Montana, USA, for this special programme on dinosaurs and the 'dinosaur hunters' who discover and dig up their fossil remains.

    The methods used by the dinosaur hunters turned out to be very similar to those employed by archaeologists. And although Phil found he was making more use of a hammer and chisel than his usual digger's trowel, there was much more with which he was familiar from archaeological excavations.

    After joining a museum dig to excavate the bones of the T-Rex's ancestor, they uncover the big bucks tourist industry that dinosaur hunting has spawned in the US. Their journey culminates in a trip to the Badlands, where they help dinosaur hunter Jack Horner dig up the remains of a T-Rex.

  • The New Forest, Hampshire
    Time Team Live Event:
    Early Anglo-Saxon Cemetery
  • TT Special 11 Ely, Cambridgeshire

    Digging deep into the Island of the Eels

    Time Team has uncovered a remarkable picture of Ely in past centuries: channels where boats used to moor to load and unload goods; a medieval kiln with huge quantities of high-quality pottery finds; and a number of buildings fronting the road at Broad Street.

  • TT Special 10 Coventry, West Midlands

    Coventry's Lost Cathedral

    The excavation of Coventry's first cathedral is the most important cathedral dig in more than 25 years. It was thought to have been virtually obliterated by Henry VIII. But a great deal more has survived than expected.

  • TT Special 9 Alveston, Gloucestershire

    The Bone Cave.

    A tiny entrance to a cave in Alveston leads to a grisly discovery. A natural underground chamber floor is littered with animal and human bones.

  • TT Special 8 Time Team Behind the Scenes

    This special programme looked behind the scenes at some of the things that you don't usually see in the Time Team programmes.

  • TT Special 7 Tankerness, Orkney

    The Mystery of Mine Howe

    The Team travels to Orkney, where local farmer Douglas Paterson went in search of a mysterious underground chamber, said to be lost on his land after its discovery some 50 years earlier.

  • TT Special 6 History of Britain

    From Neolithic to Gothic

    This programme plots the nation's past by examining the finds and revelations of the last seven series. The experts revisit c UK archaeological sites, such as Grimes Graves and Bede's World, and examine key digs from the programme's past, to look at how archaeologists have interpreted the nation's history.

  • TT Special 5 The Real King Arthur

    Tintagel, at the Centre of the Myth

    Time Team is on a quest, searching for the truth behind the myth, mystery and multi-million-pound industry which has grown up around Arthur – the alleged 'King of the Britons'.