Time Team

Season 18 Episode 1

Tottiford Reservoir, Devon

Aired Sunday 5:45 PM Feb 06, 2011 on Channel 4



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    • Tony: Welcome to Dartmoor, one of the richest and best mapped prehistoric landscapes in Britain. But not all of it has been investigated and there's a very good reason for that, because for the last 150 years this has been at the bottom of the reservoir that supplied the people of Torquay with their drinking water. Fast forward to the present day and the reservoir's looking pretty empty because the local water company has decided to pull the plug and give us a unique opportunity to explore a lost world. This could be some of the best prehistoric archaeology in Britain.

      The only problem is now that we've got rid of the water, how are we going to cope with the mud? It really is, very difficult.

    • Tony: So it could just be a nice little path or it could be ritual.

      Francis: I think its ritual, Tony.

      Tony: Ritual, I've heard that before.

    • Tony: If Francis is right, then this is a very special site because we've haven't dug a prehistoric stone circle on Time Team before.

    • Tony: Are you glad we came?

      Jane: Very, thank you very much. I think we're going to have to rewrite some of Dartmoor's archaeology books, because of you.

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