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TELETOON (ended 2008)


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  • Season 1
    • The Final Countdown!
      Battle lines are drawn, and sides are chosen, as the crew of the Chronos fight to save the time space continuum from destruction. But is there a traitor in their midst? Series Finale
    • Spilt Atoms
      Spilt Atoms
      Episode 12
      Troy pretends to be Ernest Rutherford, the future father of nuclear physics until he learns what this will lead to, and then he refuses to continue. Troy and Old Troy hold a detente, and consider their options- work together against a common enemy, or prepare for a time-virus battle royale.
    • The Future
      The Future
      Episode 11
      Upon returning from a mission Troy and Carmen are arrested by Frederik, the leader of the Council of the Future. It's up to Wiremu to rescue his friends, but he can't do it alone- to save them, he'll have to make a deal with the devil!
    • Fire-pop
      Episode 10
      When Carmen gets homesick, the crew decide to take her back to her own time. But to get there they must re-send the wheel time-virus that brought them to her, and if the virus hasn't been neutralized, there could be terrible repercussions farther down the timeline!
    • Newton
      Episode 9
      Slapstick comedy ensues when the crew of the Chronos attempt to assist Sir Isaac Newton in reinventing his theory on gravity. Fortunately for them, they have a higher power on their side- an amnesiac Newton believes that Troy is a supernatural being!
    • Mad King George
      Mad King George
      Episode 8
      Troy's the odd man out with the Chronos' crew, which means it's all up to him to get shoelaces reinvented at the court of King George III. Meanwhile, Wiremu contemplates getting some payback from Troy over his deletion from the timeline.
    • Music Wars
      Music Wars
      Episode 7
      When Carmen decides to explore the concept of kissing with Wiremu, Troy is taken over by the green eyed monster. But this jealousy is even more unbecoming Old Troy, who decides the best way to prevent this from ever happening again is to delete Wiremu from the timeline forever!
    • The Pacemaker
      The Pacemaker
      Episode 6
      An old nemesis rears his ugly head, and uses a time virus to mess with the heads of all the Dults. Troy does his best to solve the Dult problem, but is he barking up the wrong tree? Meanwhile, the rest of the team travel back to 1929 to make sure others won't lose their hearts.moreless
    • Da Vinci
      Da Vinci
      Episode 5
      It's up to Wiremu and Troy to egg on Leonardo da Vinci to paint the farm girl Mona Lisa rather than his favorite chicken. But even if they succeed with this fowl deed, will Carmen be able to repair the time ship's connection to the wormhole leading home before the final cock crow?moreless
    • Gutenberg
      Episode 4
      Stop the presses! Carmen feels like a damsel in distress when she is wooed by a Knight who doesn't want to take no for an answer. But Stuart and Wiremu have their hands full with helping Johannes Gutenberg reinventing the printing press. Can the boys find a way to solve both problems at the same time, or is Carmen going to become the Knight's eighth wife?moreless
    • Pendulum Swing Like A Pendulum Do
      The crew of the time-ship Chronos are running out of time when they are tasked with helping Galileo Galilei invent the pendulum clock. Meanwhile, Balls proves he's a robot who's all heart when his ticker is needed to jumpstart the ship's engines in spite of the risk to his own artificial life.moreless
    • Round Spinning Thing 2088 (PreHistory)
      Wiremu and his crew go into prehistory to prevent Old Troy's latest time-virus from erasing the invention of the wheel. While there, they gain a new friend and comrade, Carmen the cavegirl!
    • Gadget 2008
      Gadget 2008
      Episode 1
      Captain Wiremu of the time ship Chronos must battle a time virus created by an old friend to prevent Troy's latest invention from being wiped from the timeline.