Time Trax

Season 1 Episode 1

A Stranger In Time (1)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 20, 1993 on



  • Trivia

    • Dr. Sahmbi's Trax program, on which the name of the series is based, stands for Trans-Time Research and Experimentation.

    • Darien's futuristic "special abilities" include a high IQ, speed memorization, fast sprinting and long distance running, the ability to hold his breath for up to six minutes, and the ability to slow down images. He also has a heart rate of 35 beats per minute and a life expectancy of 120 years.

    • As a child, Darien chose his own name. His first name came from a war hero from 2129, and his last name came from his birth mother's maiden name.

    • Selma's name is an acronym for Specified Encapsulated Limitless Memory Archive.

  • Quotes

    • Elyssa: (to Darien, referring to Selma) Come in. And bring that thing with you.
      Selma: (quietly, to Darien) That thing?
      Darien: (under his breath) Ssh! Selma, just take notes.

    • Police Chief: Come on, Frank. You were the first man to travel back in time. You are hardly gutless.
      Frank: Going back was easy. Being a black man in Washington in 1982, that took guts.

    • Darien: (referring to Elyssa) How do I find her?
      Selma: Well, I have her home address.
      Darien: Selma, you're a peach.
      Selma: I am a computer, captain. A peach is an extinct fruit form.

    • Selma: Is there any information required at this time? There are few questions I cannot answer.
      Darien: Bet I can fool you with a trick question.
      Selma: I have twenty-three files on tricks in my database. Does your question relate to cards, magic pranks, or prostitution?
      Darien: Okay, let's start over.

    • Selma: Do you have any further questions? I am operating on battery power.
      Darien: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to waste you.
      Selma: With recharge, my batteries will last 81.3 years. And you are not a wasteful personality. Your profile is too anal retentive.
      Darien: It's nice to have someone who really knows me.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Police Chief: (referring to Selma) Darien, this is the smallest mainframe ever designed. She contains all information ever printed since Gutenberg's Bible and then some.

      Johannes Gutenberg was a German printer who invented the printing press and was the first European to use movable type. His most famous work was the Gutenberg Bible, which he printed in the 1450s, kicking off the era of printed books.