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  • Time Trax was a high quality Sci-Fi show that aired on the Pten syndicated network.

    High tech Sci-Fi show. High quality Sci-Fi show. This series was created by one of the writers of Star Trek so you knew this be good. Harve Bennett was the creator and Executive Producer of this show about a timecop. A timecop chasing criminals through the future and the past imagine the possibilities!!!!!

    This show delivered on all levels from action to acting, character development, and plots. Every episode was a whole new adventure with different criminals trying to use elements of the future for their own personal gain.

    Dale Midkiff as the lead character Darrien Lambert was awesome. Pretty much a cut hero from beginning to end. The series features a few guest famous guest stars like Julius Erving, Eddie Albert, Chelsea Field, Vanessa Angel , John D. Lancie and Ronny Cox, but it's primarily driven by Dale.

    The show has an obvious feel from Star Trek with all of the high tech gadgets, talking holograms, and people beaming from one place to another but it takes everything from there and presents a high quality action adventure Sci-fi show.

    If this aired on the stupid networks, it would have been canceled, but gladly because of the use of the syndicated network back in the day, the show lasted for two seasons. I remember was popular back in the day and has gone on to get a following. Highly recommend show.
  • Great show, special effects good.

    Was an awesome show. Wish they had more science fiction stuff on the television instead of reality shows. This show was not on the air that long, but when it was, the episodes were great and kept you guessing. I miss shows like this one, Buck Rogers, Star Trek Enterprise, etc.
  • Another Collectable

    Like most good Sci-Fi shows from this era this was a really good escape from the Real World we live. Good Acting and the Stories were well written. Once the DVD collection is available it will be in my collection. Along Firefly,SG1 and Earth 2. Besides the Chick in the show was just HOT!
  • Fine show!

    The TV series "Time Trax" has popped into my mind more than once over the past couple of years, but I never took time to look it up on the internet until now. I keep thinking how it has become more and more relevant because of how the writers selected one of Darien Lambert's crisis points to be his suffering as a minority in his own time period -- as a "Blanco", of all things. How prescient was that, in view of the rising tide of Spanish-speaking immigrants (illegal and otherwise) which many think will drown our English-speaking traditions? Remember the recent news report about the anger over the singing of "The Star Spangled Banner" in Spanish? Wasn't Darien's assignment to catch criminals in the past part of the discrimination against him? That was never said in so many words, but I thought it was implied. All the other cops (non-Blanco) got the cushy jobs in their own time period. I always liked Dale Midkiff's portrayal of Darien and have followed his TV appearances ever since. He is believable as such a nice, moral guy, but then again he can play a real slick, mean one, too.
  • People were still toying with the idea of sci-fi in prime-time, and "time-cop" Darien Lambert's fish-out-of-water character and his pursuit of seeking justice on criminals of the future in our present day made this show unique and interesting.

    The unfortunate demise of this show came all too prematurely. It was a creative spin on "Time Cop" and made for TV. It was a great show that in my household, we watched it as a family. I blame its departure on the now age-old routine of shifting time slots by networks giving viewers a hard time of keeping up to watch it, resulting in plummetting ratings and finally, the dread TV axe. Dale Midkiff was fabulous - he's was hot then and still is. It's unfortunate too that actors like him and Michael T. Weiss (of Pretender fame) both hit the big time in major TV roles, only to be cast aside and never really seen again, with the exception of occasional, off-the-radar cameos elsewhere. Major talents wasted. This one will always be one of my favourites and one I definitely consider a precursor to the success of sci-fi in mainstream audiences. We're still trudging along, but sci-fi is getting big!
  • This Show Rocked! It was a Excellant Story Line (ahead of it's time imo), had great acting, action, and good Special Effects. I am suprised it only made it a couple seasons but am even more shocked that I have not seen it come out on DVD or Reruns.

    This is one of my All time Favorite shows, and that says alot since I love TV and have sooo many shows over so wide a time frame and genre. This show HAS to come out on DVD soon and I think we should start a letter writting campaign to get the Sci-Fi or Spike channel to pick it up for reruns. I Wish they had ended it better then they did, Darrien had sooo many more Fugitives to retrieve and there was certainly no shortage of possible good storys, but alas I think this show as with some others was ahead of it's time and Ratings as with Star Trek as it's downfall. Such a shame.
  • A cool sci fi show.

    Time travel sounds cool for a tv show. Time trax does it every week. Each episode requires out hero to track down an escape convict in the past and sending him back into the future. That's a very exciting plot to explore, each week is a spectacle just watching the cop from the future hunting down criminals with his supercomputer female sidekick. It's a very cool concept, it's fun and you don't have to think much about the science of it if time travel was possible. The show is fun, and you just have to enjoy it and perfect for a relaxed viewing.
  • A well written and produced scifi serie.

    A cop of the 22nd century has to go back to the past to retrieve fugitives who escaped there punishment in the future.

    It's a mixture of an lonely rider of the west and a future cop.

    The show has nice special effects for TV shows of that time. Holographic effects are showed as well in front as in the back of acting. Sometimes there is a small interaction.

    I like the acting of the two main characters very much, especially the computer actres.
    The storys are well written with some nice ideas but lack a bit of a red thread within the seasons as there is no big development.
  • Fugitives escape from the future into the present(1993) and a lone detective is sent back to hunt them down and send them back. He carries a credit card that is really a hologram that helps him along the way.

    This is one of the greatest SCi-Fi Shows Ever. The Acting was spot on and it's a show that anyone can watch and enjoy it.
    Since the SCI FI channel's stopped airing this show I've wanted to see it again and I really hope that this gets released on DVD.