Time Trax

(ended 1994)


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  • This Show Rocked! It was a Excellant Story Line (ahead of it's time imo), had great acting, action, and good Special Effects. I am suprised it only made it a couple seasons but am even more shocked that I have not seen it come out on DVD or Reruns.

    This is one of my All time Favorite shows, and that says alot since I love TV and have sooo many shows over so wide a time frame and genre. This show HAS to come out on DVD soon and I think we should start a letter writting campaign to get the Sci-Fi or Spike channel to pick it up for reruns. I Wish they had ended it better then they did, Darrien had sooo many more Fugitives to retrieve and there was certainly no shortage of possible good storys, but alas I think this show as with some others was ahead of it's time and Ratings as with Star Trek as it's downfall. Such a shame.