Time Trax

(ended 1994)


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  • Time Trax was a high quality Sci-Fi show that aired on the Pten syndicated network.

    High tech Sci-Fi show. High quality Sci-Fi show. This series was created by one of the writers of Star Trek so you knew this be good. Harve Bennett was the creator and Executive Producer of this show about a timecop. A timecop chasing criminals through the future and the past imagine the possibilities!!!!!

    This show delivered on all levels from action to acting, character development, and plots. Every episode was a whole new adventure with different criminals trying to use elements of the future for their own personal gain.

    Dale Midkiff as the lead character Darrien Lambert was awesome. Pretty much a cut hero from beginning to end. The series features a few guest famous guest stars like Julius Erving, Eddie Albert, Chelsea Field, Vanessa Angel , John D. Lancie and Ronny Cox, but it's primarily driven by Dale.

    The show has an obvious feel from Star Trek with all of the high tech gadgets, talking holograms, and people beaming from one place to another but it takes everything from there and presents a high quality action adventure Sci-fi show.

    If this aired on the stupid networks, it would have been canceled, but gladly because of the use of the syndicated network back in the day, the show lasted for two seasons. I remember was popular back in the day and has gone on to get a following. Highly recommend show.