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Time Warp Trio



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Time Warp Trio
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AIRED ON 7/15/2006

Season 1 : Episode 26

Show Summary

When 10-year-old Joe receives a mysterious book from his eccentric magician uncle, he has no idea the adventures that await him and his friends Sam and Fred. As it turns out, whenever the kids make a wish, the Book emits a glowing green mist and warps them back through time. Whether they want to go or not, they are thrust into an extraordinary adventure, in which they duel with gladiators in ancient Rome, march in battle with the samurai in Shogunate Japan, meet Blackbeard the pirate on the open seas, or ride on horseback into battle against the Tartars with a young Genghis Khan! Things get really interesting when the boys are accidentally warped into the future, where they meet their own great-granddaughters, Jodie, Samantha and Freddi, who live in the year 2105 and also go on adventures using the Book, which they have inherited. As they travel through time, the boys and girls are constantly bumping into each other and sometimes help each other out. Time Warp Trio brings history to life for kids of all ages and times, as the heroes use their skills and smarts to outwit the bad guys and figure out how to recover the Book and warp back home. Each episode is loaded with cool facts about real history, such as the word "Thursday" having evolved from a Viking named "Thor," as in "Thor's day"; native Americans such as Sacagawea having used bear grease in pre-hair mousse days to control the "frizzies"; or Mongolian nomads having sniffed each other as a greeting rather than shaking hands. Based on the book series of the same name by Jon Scieszka, the TV series was created by Boston PBS station WGBH in conjunction with digital animation studio Soup2Nuts. It is part of NBC's Discovery Kids block, airing first on Saturday mornings on NBC, and then the following Monday afternoon on the Discovery Kids Channel.

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  • Better then you.d expect from a channel that tries to be educational!

    Yes, it can be educational, but it is actually more fun then that. Sadly it uses flash animation, which you all know is not my favorite and usually lowers animation quality. Animation is not that fluid in this show, and the character designs are simplistic to square, but the plots and stories give this show a chance. They are off the wall original as these kids travel time to make sure things go right and stop things from going wrong. You learn history, but have fun at the same time. A better educational cartoon then most. Sadly, this show is in the edge of being cancelled because of new shows that are coming, chances are they wont be as good. Watch the show, and show your support. Your the final decider, not me.moreless
  • I Like Time WArp Trio. Its a cool show. Why do they have to make it seem like they have to cancel it?

    Time Warp Trio is pure fun. Can't the productors know there is fans out in the world? Come on?! We are the fans. Kick The Future is Wild out of DK cuz not everyone likes it. Ever since that show came it, they stopped twt

    Please bring it back!

    Don't people know about feelings? Lies, truth, and deciet, thats how the people feel. We don't want another cartoon in its way about time traveling, cuz Time Warp Trio, is the one made for us. The only, best, time traveling show ever! I had been hooked into the whole series like, in 6th grade!moreless
  • Brillance pure brillance

    On his tenth birhday Joe (the aspiring magicaian) recieve a magical book that can transport him and his two best friends, Sam (the geek) and Fred (the jock) through time. Together they meet there great grand daughters from the year 2105, (100 years in the future from 2005) Jodie (the girly girl), Freddie (the scarety cat) and Sammantha (the er..interesting..one) and go on (mis)adventures through time.

    A great, funny, and above all educational show. Each episode has enough action to keep you entertained, enough humor to keep you laughing, and enough historical facts to subconsciously learn something. The characters are likable and the show has sort of an understated charm. A history buff, I got to say I LOVE this show and it's one of the few cartoons (educational or otherwise) that has any value or worth (don't belive me? Watch Disney and/or Nickelodeon for a while!). This show is FAR superior to The Future is Wild (if you agree with that staement, please review said show to pieces). Discovery Kids needs to bring it back or at least show it when it's not the early morning hours.moreless
  • Cool AND informative at the same time!

    WOW. The best thing about this show isn't the fact that it's funny or entertaining, but that it's informative and entertaining at the same time. 99% of the time, you don't even REALIZE you're learning, but you are. I can't count the number of times I've been sitting in history class and realized that everything I know about the subject came from watching an episode of the Time Warp Trio. Sadly, most shows aren't like that. They're funny, but you don't learn anything, or they're informative but are guaranteed to bore you to tears. So we salute you, Time Warp Trio, Bravo.moreless
  • One of the best history educational shows out there.

    I never understood why they cancel this series. It was so great. It focused on the history not just for our country but around the world. What worst is we never saw the climax fight between Mad Jack or Joe. I really really wanted to see that. Discovery Kids is insane for not renewing this. I mean what use do they got a talking shark and a show focusing on things that are gross. Eww! This should be crime or something. You can actually learn something if you watch this. Get your head in the game Discovery Kids and bring it back!moreless
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