Time Warp Trio

Season 1 Episode 25

Harem Scare 'em

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Jul 15, 2006 on NBC
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Harem Scare 'em
To retrieve a critical time map, Jodie, Sam and Fred warp back to a Turkish harem in the Ottoman Empire of 1540, where they encounter the future Suleiman the Magnificent.

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  • Wow! This is a good one! one of the weirder ones, but good. It's pretty funny.

    This is one of the weirder episoeds, but one of my favorites. It starts out when Sam is trying to figure out one of those pattern pictures. Fred says his brother told him it's supposed to be a chicken in a top hat standing on an Otamen (i hope i spelled that right). Sam then explains that an otamen can be either a Persian ruler or a kind of cusioned foot stool. This is when Jodi shows up and tells them another time-traveler is asking for their help to find the "time-map", something that is supposed to reveal the location of "the book" in every time. So they warp, and end up locked in a chest. It's opened by a kid who is also the Prince. His name is Selien and he is the heir to the throne, and has a pet monkey who he says can talk to him (suspicious!) He takes them to his father, because the monkey "told" the kid they should be killed. They are taken to the Otamen, who just wants Sam and Fred to help his son learn some skills (and manners!) and just be his friend. Jodi is taken to the Harem (hence the episode name) where she meets the time-traveler who sent for them. she tells Jodi the time map is actually a rug, with a bluish-grey circle pattern. Meanwhile the boys are trying to persuade the kid to come with them and explore the treasury, hoping they can find the time map there. (they still think it's an actual map) Finally Fred and Sam decide they need help from Jodi and go looking for her. Selien(who is now pretty good freinds with them) tells them she can't leave unless the Otamen askes for her. So they don the old girl costumes from 'You can't, but Ghengis Kahn' and say that she's wanted. Jodi tells them about how the time map is a rug, so they go looking for it. They end up back in the treasury and suddenly the monkey is in there with a sword and it attacks them (are you making guesses about the monkey yet?) and locks them back in the trunk they started out in. then the monkey goes and gets Selein. "you think this trunk will float?" the kid asks. the monkey nods. "Ok, lets take it out to the Bosporus to see." so some servents throw it in the pond. "you were wrong, that trunk is deffinately sinking." the kid says. Meanwhile water is leaking into the trunk and they're sinking fast. Fred has the idea to kick the bottom of the trunk out. "just let me move this rug..." "Wait! that's the time map!" Jodi shouts. When she shouts, the monkey hears her voice and starts wispering to Selein that he thinks something valuable is in there. so the servents go in and get the trunk out and they're saved. and then the monkey takes the time map. and it starts talking. Guess what? (you should know by now) it's MAD JACK!!! oh no! so it runs away down some alleys and he runs into a bannana cart. (this part is really cheesy) he takes about 5 seconds to make the decision to go for the bananas. while eating, mad jack throws the time map onto a nearby rug cart, and it goes off. Fred Sam and Jodi are running after mad jack when the Cart comes by. they see it and chase after it untill it stops infront of a tower. they get the map and try to read it, but none of them can see anything on the rug but the bluish-grey pattern. By then Mad Jack realizes the map is gone and he goes looking for it. He sees Sam Fred Jodi and the kid in front of the tower, so he steales a solgiers sword and chases them up the tower. they are cut off at the top and mad jack tryes to push them off, but it snags on a torch hook. so Sam Fred and Jodi are hanging from the top of a really high tower. Sam's glasses fall off and suddenly, he can read the time map "Hey guys I know where the book is!" but then Mad Jack takes the sword he took and cutts the time map. it starts to unravel, and it is just long enough that Fred, who was at the bottom, is only a few inches from the ground. They get down and Selein catches Mad Jack, (by the way, he is still a little monkey) and puts him in his cage. Turns out, the book was next to the cage the whole time. Selein had put a nice cloth cover on it to keep it from getting dirty. so they get to go home. so back home Sam tries to look at the pattern pictures without his glasses, and it works. "Hey, it's not standing on an Otamen, it's laying on a couch!"moreless

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