Time Warp Trio

Season 1 Episode 26

Plaid to the Bone

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Jul 15, 2006 on NBC
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Plaid to the Bone
An encounter between the Book and a pinball machine "catapults" Joe, Anna and Jodie back to the siege of Lady Agnes Randolph's castle in 1338 Scotland.

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  • This is either my first or second favoirite episode i've seen of this series so far. It should be renamed "Family Reunion" because it's all of Joe's Family. (Joe, Anna, Uncle Joe, Jodi, and Mad Jack)moreless

    Jodi is visiting Joe and Anna at their local Pizzaria, and Jodi is about to show them some stuff about the Book when Joe puts it on a pinball machein, which, unfortunatly, he doesn't know is a time bomb set by Mad Jack. they are sent into midevil Scottland (yea scotts! my very distant ancestors!) and are tied to a giant stone ball that hurls them at a nearby castle. Lady Agnes supposes they might be spies, so she sends Joe and Jodi to the dungeons, but Keeps Anna with her because she just likes Anna's spunk. While in the Dungeon they find none other than Uncle Joe, the guy who gave Joe the Book in the first place. Uncle Joe uses a pen (spesifically THE Pen that wrote the Book ,or so he says) to get them out of the dungeon and up to the ramparts where they are just in time to give Lady Agnes the idea to use those giant balls the British are flinging at them to destroy a big tower/battering ram/fire arrows arsenal. After they squish that, Anna tells them about the local legend she heard that says the Book is withing the castle walls. Soon after that, Jodi 'volenteers' to go on a dangerous mission to sneek across enemy territory and get help from another Scottish army camped nearby. While sneeking through the enemy camp, she accidentaly trips on the tent pegs holding up the general's tent (his name is Salsbery) "I tripped on Salsbery's Steak!" while Jodi is out, Joe and the others are looking for the Book, using the Pen, which 'sniffs' out the Book by getting the scent of a shopping list Uncle Joe left in the book. they follow it to an empty wall, and while Joe is being insulted by the Pen because he sugested maybe is smelled green mold instead of green ink, Anna has the brains to wiggle the Bricks on the wall, and voala! there is the book. Just on cue, Mad Jack shows up, allerted by his time-bomb being set off. Mad Jack and Uncle Joe get into a cool sword fight using the Pen and Mad Jack's hourglass/sword thingy and Mad Jack uses some kind of dust to blind Uncle Joe so he drops the Pen. Mad Jack has Uncle Joe on the floor and he tells Joe if he wants to save Uncle Joe, he will have to give him the book. So, Joe throws the book at him, but at the same time he dives for the Pen. Now for a funny dialoug: Joe: how do you turn this thing on?

    Uncle Joe: hit the green button.

    - hits green button, ink squirts out -

    Uncle Joe: the other Green button. So Joe gets the Pen working and He is just realizing this doesn't give him much of an advantage since he doesnt know how to use it. But Just then Lady Agnes comes in and hits Mad Jack over the head with a frying pan type thing. "First castle ruel: No sword fighting in the halls!" so while they are explaining what happened they have their backs to Mad Jack, so he warps out of there with his yellow pocket watch (Sam's is purple) at the end Jodi gets back and she is complaining as usuall. the guy she went with had some things to say too.

    "I thought she would never stop! 'are we there yet, can we stop for a break, my feet hurt...' I thought my ears would fall off!"

    So they get home and Uncle Joe has to leave in mid-warp, but he does leave Joe a weird green watch and declares him a "Time Page" Jodi says she hasn't been one since she was 5, but she's exagerating because she didn't get the book until she was 10moreless
  • After Joe places The Book on a pinball machine, Joe, Anna, and Jodie warp to Scotland where they meet up with Uncle Joe.

    This episode was well-created. Uncle Joe, a minor character who appeared in the first Time Warp Trio episode is seen again when Joe, Anna, and Jodie warp to Scotland. Also, another big (well, maybe not so big in our eyes, but it's big in Joe's eyes) event happens in this episode. At the end of the episode, Uncle Joe leaves mid-warp when returning to Brooklyn. Joe then finds a note with what looks like a green watch with a green rubbery chain (well, it looks rubbery to me). It turns out that Joe has just moved up to the next level which is a Time Page. Hopefully, the new episodes will explain more about the Time Page level.moreless
Annick Obonsawin

Annick Obonsawin


Guest Star

Richard Binsley

Richard Binsley

Earl of Salsbury / Scottish Soldier / Constable MacDoohickey

Guest Star

Corrine Koslo

Corrine Koslo

Lady Agnes Randolph

Guest Star

Tony Daniels

Tony Daniels

Mad Jack/Uncle Joe

Recurring Role

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