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  • Best comedy

  • Better then you.d expect from a channel that tries to be educational!

    Yes, it can be educational, but it is actually more fun then that. Sadly it uses flash animation, which you all know is not my favorite and usually lowers animation quality. Animation is not that fluid in this show, and the character designs are simplistic to square, but the plots and stories give this show a chance. They are off the wall original as these kids travel time to make sure things go right and stop things from going wrong. You learn history, but have fun at the same time. A better educational cartoon then most. Sadly, this show is in the edge of being cancelled because of new shows that are coming, chances are they wont be as good. Watch the show, and show your support. Your the final decider, not me.
  • I Like Time WArp Trio. Its a cool show. Why do they have to make it seem like they have to cancel it?

    Time Warp Trio is pure fun. Can't the productors know there is fans out in the world? Come on?! We are the fans. Kick The Future is Wild out of DK cuz not everyone likes it. Ever since that show came it, they stopped twt
    Please bring it back!

    Don't people know about feelings? Lies, truth, and deciet, thats how the people feel. We don't want another cartoon in its way about time traveling, cuz Time Warp Trio, is the one made for us. The only, best, time traveling show ever! I had been hooked into the whole series like, in 6th grade!
  • Brillance pure brillance

    On his tenth birhday Joe (the aspiring magicaian) recieve a magical book that can transport him and his two best friends, Sam (the geek) and Fred (the jock) through time. Together they meet there great grand daughters from the year 2105, (100 years in the future from 2005) Jodie (the girly girl), Freddie (the scarety cat) and Sammantha (the er..interesting..one) and go on (mis)adventures through time.

    A great, funny, and above all educational show. Each episode has enough action to keep you entertained, enough humor to keep you laughing, and enough historical facts to subconsciously learn something. The characters are likable and the show has sort of an understated charm. A history buff, I got to say I LOVE this show and it's one of the few cartoons (educational or otherwise) that has any value or worth (don't belive me? Watch Disney and/or Nickelodeon for a while!). This show is FAR superior to The Future is Wild (if you agree with that staement, please review said show to pieces). Discovery Kids needs to bring it back or at least show it when it's not the early morning hours.
  • Cool AND informative at the same time!

    WOW. The best thing about this show isn't the fact that it's funny or entertaining, but that it's informative and entertaining at the same time. 99% of the time, you don't even REALIZE you're learning, but you are. I can't count the number of times I've been sitting in history class and realized that everything I know about the subject came from watching an episode of the Time Warp Trio. Sadly, most shows aren't like that. They're funny, but you don't learn anything, or they're informative but are guaranteed to bore you to tears. So we salute you, Time Warp Trio, Bravo.
  • One of the best history educational shows out there.

    I never understood why they cancel this series. It was so great. It focused on the history not just for our country but around the world. What worst is we never saw the climax fight between Mad Jack or Joe. I really really wanted to see that. Discovery Kids is insane for not renewing this. I mean what use do they got a talking shark and a show focusing on things that are gross. Eww! This should be crime or something. You can actually learn something if you watch this. Get your head in the game Discovery Kids and bring it back!
  • This isn't fair!we TWT fans demand you companies to bring it back!I agree with the other reviews about Un-fair doing!what you people did was not cool! [my obsesssion attack is attacking]

    I may be a new member at this,but I'm not shy!that show was my favorite and I won't back down!if you think you can get away with this,you will pay!if you are reading this and agree with me,then I think you should rate this!the moment these freaks canceled it and stopped selling movies and making episodes,I was angry!and I still a'm!and what about all the other shows?!they were never taken out,now were they?!all those other shows that don't even make sense are still there,but our show isn't!We TWT fans demand you
    Educational show haters to bring back Time Warp Trio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![my obsession attack is wearing off now].
  • Can't say that I don't like the show.

    I watch the show sometimes, but I don't exactly like it like I like a show called "Grossology".

    It's okay. The facts are kinda cool, the characters, too.

    But, it's just not my kind of show. I understand that a lot of people love this show, and I don't want to make you Time Warp Trio fans mad or anything.

    The show's kinda good, if you ask my friends. But to me, it's fine. Just fine. If you want real show to watch with lots of action, watch "Grossology". Now that's a stupendous show! Not that this show is bad, I just don't like it very much.
  • You can also find this review of Time Warp Trio at imdb.com.

    My favorite film genre is time travel, so I don't know if I can write an objective review of this series. What I will say is I think this show is great.

    Based on the Time Warp Trio book series by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith, the stories center around Joe, a magician wannabe and his friends Fred, the sports fanatic, and Sam, a timid intellectual. On his tenth birthday, Joe receives an unusual book from an enigmatic uncle. The book, which is known simply as "The Book," turns out to be a time-travel device. The boys don't really understand how The Book works, the result of which is that they can find themselves anywhere in time, past or future.

    This is where the "educational" aspect of the show kicks in. The boys always encounter some historical figure, whom they help out while trying to locate The Book and get back home. Enough facts are inserted into the story to make this a fun history lesson.

    Joe, Fred and Sam do not appear together in all of the episodes. The Trio could actually be described as a Septet. They are sometimes accompanied by their future great-granddaughters: Jodie, the complainer and heir to The Book, Freddi, the worrywart, and Samantha, the eccentric one. Joe's younger sister Anna, who might just know more about The Book than anyone, pops in on occasion. The episodes can contain any combination of these seven characters.

    Production-wise, the show combines limited-animation characters with computer-generated effects over sometimes detailed backgrounds. The theme song by punk band Riddlin' Kids is catchy and infectious.
    The dialogue is witty and includes enough "gross-out" humor to appeal to a wide range of viewers. One flaw I noticed is that the historical facts are not always accurate; one example is the episode with Leonardo Da Vinci: his grocery list from 1503 includes tomatoes, a New World plant not cultivated in Europe until the 1540's.

    In my opinion, the strongest point of Time Warp Trio is in the selection of historic personages. A figure from any era or continent may be featured. It is refreshing to learn new facts about rarely-mentioned Asian, African, South Pacific or pre-Columbian American cultures.

    If you like history, time travel and clever banter, most likely you will enjoy Time Warp Trio. You'll laugh. You'll learn.
  • Sam is my favorite character! This show is so (insert any) -cool -funny -informative -suspenceful. Second only to Avatar!

    This is the coolest show! it's my very favorit, second only to Avatar: the Last Airbender. It's funny, informative (which is just a fancy work for educational), action packed, and suspenceful. I'm serious, they alway have the comercials right when someone is about to be (insert any) -eaten by crocodiles -trampled by a stampeed - be scewered on Mad Jack's hourglass/sword thingy -killed by the locals.
    Here is a breif description of the Characters- Sam is my favorite character, mostly because i'm a bit of a geek myself, but also because he looks like Harry Potter. (can't have too much Harry). He really doesn't like to time travel, possibly because he almost gets killed every time. he also tends to freak out when he's really frustrated and goes on a small rant. I call these instances SamSpazs Joe is Pretty much the main character, He owns the book, even though he hasn't figured out how to use it yet. He is clever and can talk his way out of alot of things. He can be really funny alot of the time. We know from Fredi that He eventually becomes a Warp Wizard, which also means he will figure out how to really work the book. Fred is characterized as the least bright of all the main characters. This is true about 80% of the time, but sometimes he has really good ideas. He was the one who thought of waking towards the sun in Jinga all the Way, and the one who thought Joe's bottom half disapearing had to do with the book in Dude where's my Karma. Fred is also really bold, he jumps into a bunch of dangerous situations that he probably wouldn't get himself out of if it weren't for the others. Like when he jumps into that pirate melee, and the Viking Melee, and when he starts the Gladiator food fight. and alot of other instances i can't quite remember. These acts do usually buy them some time when they are running away.

    Ana: Joe's little sister Ana knows a bit more about the book than Joe does. She can be really mean to Joe sometimes, but I'm guessing this is because Joe is mean to her at home. She's gutsy and doesn't mind letting people know what she thinks, which has both gotten them into trouble and gotten them out. She's really cute to.

    Samantha: Sam's great great great grandaghter from 2105, She is smart like Sam, but she's not as freaked out by the time traveling thing. She knows alot about how to use the book. Samantha can also be a bit of a clutz and lets her mouth run unchecked, which means she'll say things she meant to say in her mind.

    Jodi: She's Joe's Great great great gradaugter form 2105 and she knows a whole lot about the book. I don't think she knows everything about it though. She complains alot and she's always being mean to the guys. Saying stuff like "you are totally clueless" She and Fred get in afight every time they are together because they both want to be the leader. Fredi: You probably guessed that she's Fred's Great great great grandaughter from 2105. Fredi has a real problem with letting her mouth run unchecked. she is always accidentally or on purpose telling people about the future. She tells Sam hes going to invent a way to... she warped away right then. She let slip Joe is goingto be a time Wizard, and she tells Sacajuea she did a history report on her and calls Louis and Clark "Famouse Explorers" before they are famouse. She is really kind and caring though. She can be abit over dramatic too.

    Mad Jack: He's the bad guy, plain and simple. He doesn't show up in every episode, but when he does he's always trying to get the book and kill Joe. Ironically, Mad Jack is Joe's Uncle. Weird.

    Uncle Joe: Joes Uncle who is not evil. He's Mad Jack's younger brother and gave Joe the book for his birthday. Hes showed up in 3 episodes so far i think. He's eccentric, and he knows how to use the book better than Joe, though not as well as Jodi.

    Joe's Mom doesn't have a name in the TV seiries, and the also make it look like Joe thinks his mom doesn't know about the book. In the books that the TV shows are based off of Joe's mom teaches him most of the stuff he knows about the book to begin with. She's Uncle Joe and Mad Jack's younger sister.

    I love this show and if the rumors about it being cancled are true i will cry a river. Whereas if the rumors of a movie and a second season are true, I'll jump to the moon. :)
  • This show is totally awesome. They are making another season of it, but it won't be out for a while. I love this show!! Go to go it is on right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This show is totally awesome. They are making another season of it, but it won't be out for a while. I love this show!! Go to go it is on right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This show is mainly about a boy named Joe who gets this strange book from his Uncle Joe. He and his friends Sam and Fred end up meeting Blackbeard, Nepoleon, and many other people including their own Great Grandaughters!! This is a great show and should be on more often. This show is recommended for kids ages 9-12 but anyone can enjoy it! It is filled action, adventure, and comedy. It is educational but still a good show. Kids will love it!!! Out of a 0-10 scale I give this show a 10! Better start watching it!!
  • Awesome show!

    At first, I didn't watch the show. I just watched maybe the last 10 mintutes while I waited for Tutenstein to be on. But now I (at least try to) watch it every day!

    The show's about a boy named Joe and his friends Fred and Sam going back (and once forward) in time with a magical book that was given to Joe on his 10th birthday know as just "the Book". The one time they went forward into time they went into the year 2105 and met there great-granddaughters, Jodie, Freddi, and Samantha. Jodie is my favorite character.

    Joe's little sister Anna sometimes joins them on there journeies. Anna sometimes knows how to use the Book better than Joe. Mad Jack is Joe and Anna's insane or mad uncle, he wants nothing more than to steal the Book and control time.

    The show's great! Educational and entertaining! With all the historical figures we know and some we don't know.
  • This show should get better reviews! Plz check out my profile and blog!

    This show is educational, it has historical facts,(although some parts are fictional) comedy, and has very interesting and always life threatening adventures all of this is what makes it such a great and exciting show although it is underappreciated. My favorite episode is the one when Fredy goes back to Amelia Earhart's time and tries to prevent her from crashing and dying. Another one of my favorite episodes is when the book is stolen from Joe's box. My favorite part is when the Queen of Babylon says she can't wait to tell her husband that the hanging gardens will become even more famous than him.
  • Time Warp Kids Rock!!!

    I love Time Warp Trio, I'm thirteen and I love it like crazy! My dad changed our service so I have to go to my friends house everyday to watch it. It is educational and funny, [especially Fred]. My favorite episode is the one where they travel back to meet Leonardo. Joe, Sam [girl], and Joanie, is the trio in that episode. Also my second favorite is when the three boys, Fred, Joe, and Sam [boy], travel into the future and meet their great grand-daghters. My third is when they meet the cave people. Can't exatly remember the charecters in that one.

    I hope you people enjoyed my review, and hope to write more, Signed, JopJmt
  • A few years ago I read some of the books that this show is based upon; I'm glad to see this. Though I do prefer the books, I don't have them and I can't read them. So I must depend on the show to give me my fix of crazy time travel.

    A few years ago I read some of the books that this show is based upon; I'm glad to see this. Though I do prefer the books, I don't have them and I can't read them. So I must depend on the show to give me my fix of crazy time travel.

    I enjoy the show very much compared to other stuff. I feel that Discovery Kids fails to give Time Warp Trio the love it deserves. I watch it with my brother and it makes him laugh, but then again, he laughs at everything.

    I'm fourteen years old and proud to say that I love Time Warp Trio.
  • I like the show but not the animation.

    Sorry, but the animation stinks. L like the show, though. Another thing that annoys me is that Their granddaughters names rhyme or sound pretty much the same. another thing, how come the parents never seem to notice the book? Didn't they get it too? And why don't they visit their daughter? Maybe that would be too weird. How come they only bump into their granddaughters. What about all the other people who have a book? They just conveinently never appear? Why didn't that prince who was realated to Joe have a copy of the book? It is a good show but they should have put more thought into it. Maybe they are just following the book series and that was written bad, too.
  • Time Warp Trio tells about the adventures of Joe, Fred, and Sam who have "THE BOOK" (catchy title, huh?) that can take them anywhere in time! Along the way they meet three girls, Jodie, Freddie, and Samantha,who happen to be there distant relati

    One of my favorite shows on TV! It's also very educational, you learn about different periods in time, liek ancient egypt, Italy, one episode even takes place in the year 2205!
    Children and even adults will love this show. All kids can probably realate to one of the characters. Fred, is the Sportys one, Joe is the leader, Sam is the Brainiac, Jodie is the girly-girl, Freddie is the scaredy cat, and Samatha is smart but can also be kind of tough at times! I think I'm a cross between Samantha and Freddie. I'm kinda of smart but I can also be a scaredy cat! You should really watch this show! You'll loved it!
  • Only got very interesting when Mad Jack turned up.

    When you've got an hour before going to school, you'll want to spend at least half that time watching something entertaining.
    This was enjoyable enough, though it only got very interesting when Mad Jack turned up. In his first episode, I was like, "It was about time you came!"
    I even found myself itching for the next episode, and I was learning some things I didn't know before! Talk about learning from TV...
    And the characters were hilarious, and I loved the play on words of the names of the badguys.
    Unfortunately for me, the last episode is next week. I'll surely miss it.
  • I like this show. It is really cool. I am writing a about it in my review. I'm new and only at level 1.

    In Time Warp Trio, Joe gets a magical book for his birthday. It can be used to warp anyone to any time and place depending on what is going on while the book is being activated. Joe and his two friends, Joe and Fred, warp to many events in history. In the second episode, they meet their great-granddaughters. This is my favorite episode. My favorite character is Sam because he is smart and funny in his own way. This show is a way to make history fun for anyone who thinks that it is boring. It is a great and funny show. If only everyone watched this show.
  • Interesting premise, but utilization of too many cop-outs and insertion of completely fictional characters mars this otherwise dynamic show.

    From the guitar-riffed opening theme song to the highly stylized characters, this show's target audience is obviously younger viewers. Most of them will probably find this show exciting, but it does have some flaws. The major thing hampering this show from becoming a classic is the fact that the writers often rely too heavily on the book's "magical powers" to resolve plot conflicts. The writers also insert seemingly random "evil" characters that, in all the episodes I have seen, had no import in actual historical events. All in all, definitely worth checking out, but not the greatest show ever.
  • You might just learn something...

    My kids love this show because it is a cartoon. What they don't realize is that it will teach you some interesting things about history. In fact, is so well-presented, I enjoy watching it with them. The kids are swept up in the action of the history, which paints a very good context for the historical figure.
    I really like the fact the show separates fact and fiction about historical characters. I've found myself learning quite a bit on accident...and truth is, the time travel element to the story is surprisingly sophisticated. Three girl time travellers cross paths with the three boys who discover that the girls are their descendants. Pretty wild. Check it out.