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Set in 2007, Timecop follows the adventures of Jack Logan, the best agent of the Time Enforcement Commission. Based in Washington, D.C., the TEC was formed to hunt down time criminals who try to change the past. Logan's colleagues include TEC Captain Gene Matuzek, historian Dale Easter, and science/tech advisior Claire Hemmings, who in time becomes a TEC field agent accompanying him on missions into the past. The show was based on the 1994 feature film of the same name, which starred Jean-Claude Van Damme.


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    • A decent show that was cancelled too quickly.

      Now i'll admit that the show wasn't very realistic but it was still great fun. sadly not many people seemed to understand that. ted king was great as jack logan, the time traveeling cop who traveeled through time to prevent crinimals from changing the past for their own personal benefit. The show had some very interesting episodes like one where the past was changed so the nazis won the second world war and oe where logan's past is changed so he becomes an evil time crinimal. It wasn't the best sci-fi show on TV but it should have lasted longer than it did.moreless
    • Better than most people gave it credit for

      The short-lived Timecop show was worlds better than the movie which inspired it. For one thing, T.W. King just left Jean-Claude van Damme in the dust as an actor (not that that's very difficult to do). He was backed by a nice supporting cast rather than being van Damme's lone wolf. Some decent guest stars including Melora Hardin and Bruce Campbell, who can always be depended on to liven up a series. The entire "universe" was simply better fleshed out and more believable. If there was one thing I didn't like about the series, it was the much too busy opening titles. It's a pity most science fiction shows don't do well on TV. This show had some excellent potential.moreless
    • love time traveling movies and shows.. wish thing bring back timecop. click here to read my review

      well today was my first time to see timecop on scfi all this morning marithon. wish thing would bring the show back. it's a good show to watch if your into time traveling. tell me what you think by emailing me. zero_skater_1983_69@hotmail.com

      good show, worth the watch. bring the show back
    • Timecop may have been cacelled in 1998, but it still seems to resurface on cable's Sci-Fi Channel now an then. Good for us sci-fi mystery fans. Next time you see a TC marathon, sit back and check it out.moreless

      Racing through time, tracking down criminals, getting the girl, and all before dinner. Sounds like a normal day at the office, right? Well it is for Jack Logan on the classic sci-fi show, "Timecop".

      Does the title sounds familiar? Well it should. The series was based off the 1994 film of the same name starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, not to mention that it lead the way to a film sequel "Timecop: The Berlin Decision" starring Jason Scott Lee.

      Jack Logan, a time enforcement police officer, is the best in his field preventing criminals from changing the course of time. From chasing Jack the Ripper in 1888, London to rescuing Rita Lake in 1956, California and preventing an altered history ensuring the rule of Nazi Germany, this show brings history, future and pure imagination seamlessly together. It's the classic marriage of fantasy and sci-fi.

      With only nine episodes, this series was never given a chance. However, that was enough to become a cult classic; I, myself, have watched the entire series a minimum of ten times. So, if you happen to come across "Timecop" while flipping channels, go back and check it out.moreless

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