Season 1 Episode 7

Metro Academy / Ice Climbing

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Feb 19, 2005 on ESPN2
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Metro Academy / Ice Climbing
Metro Academy The students on Lookout Mountain are not here by choice. This school within a maximum security prison hopes that basketball can help rehabilitate its juvenile offenders. Ice Climbing Driven by adrenaline, climbers at the Ouray Ice Festival attempt to scale the Uncompahgre Gorge's icy face as fast as humanly possible.moreless

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    Karen Williams

    Karen Williams

    Rodney's Mother

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    Rodney Williams

    Rodney Williams


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    Clashette Ohno

    Clashette Ohno

    Rodney's Half Sister

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      • Dhani: Those who risk the most, enjoy the richest reward. That's pretty much the way it works. As long as we all agree the reward doesn't necessarily mean rich, as in money, that pot of gold, that each of us is hoping to find at the end of our rainbow, it's not even real. The human heart, the human experience, that's real. That's Timeless.

      • Will Gadd: This is the first event I've ever done in any of the sports I've ever competed in, where a woman has flat-out won. And I think that's cool!

      • Narrator: Climbing 150 feet of vertical ice? To most, it sounds like a fool's errand. But to a few, its a dream come true.

      • Will Gadd: Yeah, it's risky. But what in life isn't risky that's fun right? Like sex. All these things are dangerous, but they're fun, and you do them. And ice climbing is no different.

      • Will Gadd: Maybe its like being an animal. I don't think animals worry about mortages. They just go out and be an animal.

      • Kim Csizmazia: Will has got this world. World according to Gadd. And, its, a cool world. For instance, he flew across the Grand Canyon on his para glider, no one has ever done that before. To him that's so cool!

      • Narrator: Happy? If you love cliffs that are coated in ice, then you're absolutely thrilled. This is the Ouray Ice Festival. 23 climbers. 150 feet of vertical ice.

      • Dahni: C9, H13, NO3. Adrenaline. Its the human body's answer to heroine. Adrenaline rush, adrenaline fix, adrenaline junkie. If you're a thrill-seeker, if you live on the edge, then you understand it takes a little bit more each time you chase the dragon. Some people are just willing to risk everything, to feel that buzz.

      • Karen Williams: I don't care if I'm still struggling and trying when I'm 80, that's my son! That's my son.

      • Narrator: The final buzzer. Does more than, end the game. It closes the door on freedom. And reminds everyone, these are young men, doing serious time.

      • Matt O'Neal: You know if I'm struggling here, I'm a make it on the out. If I can't make it through this program, and, not curse, you know keep my pants pulled up, not fight. I'm willing to do that, once I get out.

      • Narrator: Metro Academy at Lookout Mountain. That's the official name. Its got a great view, unless you're looking at it from behind bars. Basketball is one of the keys to rehabilitation, and, freedom. The Metro basketball team, plays away games.

      • Narrator: What happens when there are no bars. No locked doors. No barbed wire. The team from Metro tastes freedom, when Timeless returns.

      • Caren Leaf: When they get out on the court, and they're really faced head-on-head, with a situation, where maybe in the past, their anger would've taken over. This gives them an opportunity to do it right.

      • Narrator: Rehabilitation. It's such a difficult equation. With so many variables and random factors. Metro, has found one constant. Basketball.

      • Narrator: Sad, that a kid has to fall this far, just to remember how to smile. This, is Metro Academy, a correctional facility for Colorado's worst youth offenders.

      • Rodney Williams: Ever since the, its been, a really learning event for me, its made me turn my life around, and I don't think, that, through my life, I'll be able to correct everything, but I guarantee that I'll correct most of it.

      • Narrator: How far can you stretch, the bonds of love? How much will they endure, when all you do is twist and pull? Do all you can to destroy?

      • Dhani: We live in a, disposable world. Somethings worn, you get rid of it. Maybe broken, or bent, just trash it. Even slightly wrinkled, and we'll just throw it away. It doesn't matter what it is, we'll toss anything. Even people.

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