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    • Gladiator Graveyard
      Gladiator Graveyard
      Season 25 - Episode 11
      For centuries, gladiators have been seen as legendary figures of the Ancient World, and our knowledge of their lives has been based largely on speculation. For the past five years, two forensic anthropologists have looked at thousands of bones found in a mass grave in Turkey. Timewatch reveals how gladiators lived, how they fought and the exact way they died.moreless
    • Murder in Rome
      Murder in Rome
      Season 23 - Episode 1
      Timewatch re-enacts a murder trial from Ancient Rome 81 B.C., when Sextus Roscius was accused of murdering his father, a grave crime in Rome, with an agonising death if found guilty.
    • The Hunt for U-864
      The Hunt for U-864
      Season 25 - Episode 1
      In February 1945, one of the most dramatic chases in the history of naval warfare took place in the North Atlantic. The German submarine U-864 was loaded with the latest Messerschmitt jet engine parts and missile guidance systems and headed to Japan. But one of the Royal Navy's most advanced hunter submarines, the Venturer, already lay in wait at the Norwegian Coast. After a three-hour chase through the icy waters, the Venturer fired four torpedoes and sunk U-864. To hit a target that was submerged was a feat that had never been achieved in the history of submarine warfare. Timewatch examines U-864 final hours from both sides of the conflict and explores the dangers of the toxic wreck today.moreless
    • The Bog Bodies
      The Bog Bodies
      Season 24 - Episode 1
    • The Floating Brothel
      The Floating Brothel
      Season 24 - Episode 3
    • The Hidden Children
      The Hidden Children
      Season 25 - Episode 10
      In July 1942, the French authorities collaborated with the Germans to round up Jews and send them to concentration camps – it was a betrayal on an enormous scale. However, many ordinary French people risked their lives to save thousands of Jews – particularly the children. Timewatch features in this episode the stories of four children who survived. Told in their own words, these are hair-raising stories of what it was like being secretly hidden from the Nazis in France. The children were taken in by individuals and organisations, who were determined that even though their parents were killed, they should live.moreless
    • Battle of the River Plate
      Battle of the River Plate
      Season 24 - Episode 2
    • The People's Coronation
      The People's Coronation
      Season 25 - Episode 12
    • Unknown Soldiers
      Unknown Soldiers
      Season 24 - Episode 4
    • Through Hell for Hitler
      Through Hell for Hitler
      Season 21 - Episode 2
      Timewatch follows the experiences of Henry Metelmann, a German soldier caught up in the most destructive conflict in history - Hitler's invasion of Russia.
    • The Iron Coffin
      The Iron Coffin
      Season 24 - Episode 10
    • Battle for Warsaw
      Battle for Warsaw
      Season 24 - Episode 9
    • The Mystery of the Headless Romans
      The Mystery of the Headless Romans
      Season 24 - Episode 8
    • The Crusader's Lost Fort
      The Crusader's Lost Fort
      Season 24 - Episode 7
    • The Secret History of Genghis Khan
      The Secret History of Genghis Khan
      Season 24 - Episode 6
    • Missing in Action
      Missing in Action
      Season 24 - Episode 5
    • The Wave that Destroyed Atlantis
      The Wave that Destroyed Atlantis
      Season 25 - Episode 9
      Timewatch uncovers the true origins of the people who lived on Crete 3,500 years ago – the people who created the fabulous Minotaur and Labyrinth myth. The Minoans produced spectacular sculptures and frescoes, the first written language in Europe, and built great temples and palaces. A team of archaeologists and scientists search among the ruins of their civilisation for evidence of what destroyed them.moreless
    • The Last Duel
      The Last Duel
      Season 25 - Episode 6
      One August morning in 1826, two men went for a walk in the Fife countryside. Only one of them came back alive. This is the story of two men who fought to the death with pistols – one a respected merchant, reluctantly provoked into an unwanted duel, the other a professional soldier, steeped in military tradition. The professional soldier also happened to be the merchant's bank manager. It would end with the death of one man and mark the demise of a 600-year-old ritual. Timewatch dramatically reconstructs the duel and events leading up to the fatal encounter.moreless
    • Zeppelin: The First Blitz
      Zeppelin: The First Blitz
      Season 25 - Episode 5
      Known as 'Iron Thunderstorms', the Zeppelin bombing raids of the First World War brought a new style of warfare directly to the British public. By autumn 1916, a wave of panic had spread across London and the South East, hundreds of thousands of residents fled the city, many sought shelter deep underground and over 1,500 people were killed in the attacks. These horrific bombing raids ushered in a new type of warfare that would become the defining feature of 20th century combat. Timewatch looks at the effect on the British psyche of the first-ever Zeppelin raid in 1915 on the town of Great Yarmouth in Norfolk, and maps in detail – using first-hand testaments and archive – how the Germans waged their first airborne terror campaign on British civilians.moreless
    • Hadrian’s Wall
      Hadrian's Wall
      Season 25 - Episode 4
      This week's subject is Hadrian's Wall which separates Scotland from England. Timewatch looks back at the history of the wall.
    • Killer Cloud
      Killer Cloud
      Season 25 - Episode 3
      In 1783 a huge cloud of poisonous gas from a momentous volcanic eruption in Iceland slowly enveloped Europe, killing thousands of people across the continent. Many died in Britain, and the winter of that year was one of the harshest ever recorded. Timewatch reveals the scale of this forgotten disaster for the first time. Featuring interviews with experts and drama reconstruction, it maps the unfolding events which led to the deaths of so many.moreless
    • Hijack
      Season 25 - Episode 8
      On 6 September 1970, a BOAC flight with over 20 school children on board was hijacked by the Palestinian guerrilla group PFLP. It was the first and last time a British commercial aircraft has ever been hijacked. Furthermore the plan for the hijack attempts included four more planes. Only one attempt wasn't successful because the crew of El Al flight 219 fought back, killed one of the guerrillas and captured a female Palestinian hijacker, Leila Khaled. She later was released in return for the hostages of the other three hijacked airplanes. This remains the only time a British Government has openly negotiated with terrorists.moreless
    • The Gunpowder Plot
      The Gunpowder Plot
      Season 23 - Episode 3
      On the eve of the 400th anniversary, Timewatch revisits the Gunpowder Plot of 1605.
    • San Francisco's Great Quake
      San Francisco's Great Quake
      Season 24 - Episode 11
      The great quake of 1906 is now known to be the greatest natural disaster in the history of the United States. To tell this harrowing story we followed a personal approach by using the diaries, written accounts and observations of those caught up in the tragedy.
    • Remember the Galahad
      Remember the Galahad
      Season 25 - Episode 7
      50 British Servicemen lost their lives at Fitzroy inlet in the Falkland Islands on June 08, 1982, when the supply ships Sir Galahad and Sir Tristram were bombed by Argentine planes. They were part of a British Task Force sent to recapture the Islands after they had been invaded by Argentina. For the Task Force, it was the biggest disaster of the Falklands war. Dozens of soldiers were badly burned and injured. Many more were left emotionally and mentally scarred. For hundreds of servicemen and their families, it left an untold legacy of grief and pain. The great majority of casualties were aboard Sir Galahad, which was packed with hundreds of Welsh Guards and tons of fuel and ammunition. They were waiting to be ferried ashore, ready to take part in the battle for Port Stanley, but there was a scarcity of landing craft at Fitzroy and disembarkation was seriously delayed. Timewatch tells the story of the bombing at Fitzroy, the events that led up to it, and the factors that contributed to the disaster.moreless
    • Who Killed Stalin?
      Who Killed Stalin?
      Season 23 - Episode 2
      Timewatch looks at the last days of Josef Stalin and unearths evidence which points to Stalin having been murdered after he fell into a coma.
    • Beatlemania
      Season 25 - Episode 2
      Timewatch charts the rise of the first super group of the world and the changing nature of post-war Britain by using unseen home footage and behind-the-scenes news film and therefore offering a fantastic look back at The Beatles. In the 1960s four musicians inadvertently invented the modern touring industry, instigated the birth of youth culture and then, at the height of their success, simply disappeared from the stage. The Beatles were one of the most critically acclaimed and successful bands of all time. The Fab Four, as they became known – George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr – made dozens of hit singles and albums as they forged a unique place in music history.moreless
    • White Slaves, Pirate Gold
      White Slaves, Pirate Gold
      Season 21 - Episode 1
      The discovery of a shipwreck off Salcombe in Devon, uncovers much more than a glittering haul of Islamic coins and jewellery - it also reveals a forgotten time, when coastal Europe lived in terror of the Barbary Pirates. Timewatch tells their story.
    • Murder in Harvard
      Murder in Harvard
      Season 20 - Episode 2
      In 1849, Harvard professor John White Webster was hanged for the slaying and dismemberment of prominent Bostonian George Parkman, apparently over money. Timewatch investigates the case in the light of ongoing doubts about Webster's guilt, and attempts to solve the celebrated murder mystery once and for all.
    • Battle for Berlin
      Battle for Berlin
      Season 20 - Episode 1
      Timewatch looks at the Red Army's sweep to Berlin and battle for the city, and the great loss of life and suffering endured. Historian Antony Beevor looks at the scale and tactics of the battle, and at the rapes, murder, looting and destruction that went on against the civilian population, not just Germans but liberated camp and slave labour victims as well.moreless
    • Inside the Mind of Adolf Hitler
      Inside the Mind of Adolf Hitler
      Season 23 - Episode 4
      Timewatch looks at the psychological profile of Adolf Hitler compiled by a team of Harvard psychologists in 1943. Interviewing former colleagues and the former family doctor who had fled to the USA and using Freudian techniques and theories of the day, they came up with a profile and predicted how he would react to certain situations, concluding that he would not surrender and would be most likely to commit suicide when faced with defeat. This led to future profiling of many world leaders and dictators.moreless
    • The Princess Spy
      The Princess Spy
      Season 24 - Episode 12