Timmy Time

Daily 9:00 AM on BBC Two Premiered Apr 06, 2009 In Season





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  • Do you really want your kid's first word be "PHIUUH"??

    This is my opinion as a parent who's concern with my kid's learning ability. He is 21/2 and instead of talking like normal kids (read: Human), he started talking just like Timmy. Really? Do you really want your son/daughter's first word be "Mbeeee"... or "PHIUUH"??? What kind of parent are you?

    This cartoon should be more educating than destructing. The author should know better that kids age 1-5 are very vulnerable and at their early learning stage. There are many others that teach kids MUCH better than this clown. Mani the tool man, Dora the explorer, are just some examples of what I must say a GREAT cartoon for kids to watch! Keep your kids away from watching this movie. Unless you are one of those messed up parent who think it's funny and cute to see your kid talk like a cartoon characters!
  • We Love Timmy!!!!

    We love Timmy in our house!!! I've had teenagers in here watching it! Everyone has a favorite, and mine is Timmy. Who says you have to talk to make a good cartoon! You use your brain! Timmy's baaaa says it aaaalllllll !!!!! It's funny, cute and there's always a great message. I love it !
  • Warning: Little Dumbasses Below

    PSH! *Clay figures*, yes, the characters are made out of clay. No wai. Watch Wallace and Gromit, or Shaun the Sheep kiddies. Thank you. :3
  • Annoying load of garbage

    The characters don't even talk and my little brother watches it, in my opinion it is a peice of garbage, it is a filler, what's the point. At least the characters are cute and the theme song has words in it, but I still hate it.