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    I am establishing a call to help improve the episode guide with missing episodes. If anyone can help me out with that, be my guest. Here's how it should look

    Season 1

    • Episode #1 Boara Boara And Saskatchewan Catch
    • Episode #2 Kenya Be My Friend? And Rafiki Fables: Good Mousekeeping
    • Episode #3 Never Everglades And The Laughing Hyenas: Cooked Goose
    • Episode #4 How To Beat The High Costa Rica And Swiss Missed
    • Episode #5 Uganda Be An Elephant And To Kilimanjaro Bird
    • Episode #6 French Fried And The Laughing Hyenas: Big Top Breakfast
    • Episode #7 The Pain In Spain And Frantic Atlantic
    • Episode #8 Tanzania Zany And Guatemala Malarkey
    • Episode #9 Back Out In The Outback And Gabon With The Wind
    • Episode #10 Timon's Time Togo And The Law Of The Jungle
    • Episode #11 Be More Pacific And Going Uruguay
    • Episode #12 Yosemite Remedy And Rafiki Fables: The Sky Is Calling
    • Episode #13 Mozam-Beaked And Ocean Commotion
    • Episode #14 Brazil Nuts, South Seas Sick And The Lion Sleeps Tonight
    • Episode #15 Yukon Con And Doubt of Africa
    • Episode #16 Russia Hour And You Ghana Join the Club
    • Episode #17 Rocky Mountain Lie And Amazon Quiver
    • Episode #18 Madagascar About You, Truth or Zaire And Yummy Yummy Yummy
    • Episode #19 Mojave Desserted And Rafiki Fables: Beauty and the Wildebeest
    • Episode #20 Don't Break the China, The Laughing Hyenas: Can't Take a Yolk And Stand By Me
    • Episode #21 Unlucky In Lesotho And Rafiki Fables: Rafiki's Apprentice
    • Episode #22 Mombasa-In-Law And The Laughing Hyenas: TV Dinner
    • Episode #23 Manhattan Mishap And Paraguay Parable
    • Episode #24 Let's Serengeti out of Here And Congo On Like This
    • Episode #25 Okay Bayou? And Shake Your Djibouti

    [edit] Season 2

    • Episode #26 Palm Beached And Jamaica Mistake?
    • Episode #27 Oregon Astray And New Guinea Pig
    • Episode #28 Klondike Con And Isle Find Out
    • Episode #29 Wide Awake In Wonderland And Zazu's Off-By-One Day
    • Episode #30 Africa-Dabra And I Don't Bolivia
    • Episode #31 Catch Me If You Kenya And Scent Of The South
    • Episode #32 Forbidden Pumbaa And Washington Applesauce
    • Episode #33 I Think I Canada And Zazu's Day Off
    • Episode #34 Timon On The Range And The Man From J.U.N.G.L.E.
    • Episode #35 Maine-Iacs And Fiji-Fi-Fo-Fum
    • Episode #36 Once Upon A Timon (Half-hour episode)
    • Episode #37 Home Is Where The Hog Is (Half-hour episode)
    • Episode #38 Bumble In The Jungle + Beethoven's Whiff (musical orchestrations) And Mind Over Matterhorn
    • Episode #39 Isle of Manhood And Puttin' on the Brits
    • Episode #40 Beetle Romania And Rumble in the Jungle
    • Episode #41 Animal Barn And Roach Hotel
    • Episode #42 Shopping Mauled And Library Brouhaha
    • Episode #43 Monster Massachusetts And Handle With Caribbean
    • Episode #44 Alcatraz-Mataz (incomplete) And Oahu Wahoo!
    • Episode #45 Beast of Eden And Sense and Senegambia
    • Episode #46 Rome Alone And Amusement Bark

    [edit] New Director Episodes

    Episode 47 onwards, the show was produced by a feeder animation company, instead of Walt Disney Television Animation. The title card artwork is gone, the show only opens with a plain title card.

    [edit] Season 3

    • Episode #47 Super Hog-o And Don't Have the Vegas Idea
    • Episode #48 Ivy Beleaguered And Broadway Bound and Gagged
    • Episode #49 No Good Samaritan And Living in De Nile
    • Episode #50 Miss Perfect And Hakuna Matata U.
    • Episode #51 Pirates Of Pumbzance And One Tough Bug
    • Episode #52 Why No Rhino And Pig-malion
    • Episode #53 War Hogs And The Big No Sleep
    • Episode #54 Mister Twister And Common Scents
    • Episode #55 Lemonade Stand Off And Big Jungle Game
    • Episode #56 Bug Salesman And Hot Air Buffoons
    • Episode #57 So Sumo Me And Now Museum, Now You Don't
    • Episode #58 Ice Escapades And Wishy Washy
    • Episode #59 Steel Hog And Dealer's Choice Cut
    • Episode #60 Timon in Love And Kahuna Potato
    • Episode #61 Recipe for Disaster And Going Over-Boar'd
    • Episode #62 Luck Be A Meerkat And Just When You'd Thought You'd Cuisine It All
    • Episode #63 Boo Hoo Bouquet And Timon Alone
    • Episode #64 Visiting Pig-nitaries And The Truth About Kats And Hogs
    • Episode #65 Guru Some And Jailhouse Shock
    • Episode #66 Nearly Departed And Early Bird Watchers
    • Episode #67 The Spy's the Limit And Ready, Aim, Fire
    • Episode #68 Timoncchio And Ghost Boosters
    • Episode #69 Stay Away From My Honey And Sitting Pretty Awful

    [edit] Season 4

    • Episode #70 Mook Island and Clip Hangers
    • Episode #71 The Running Of The Bullies and Special Deffects
    • Episode #72 He's A Bad, Bad Sport and Dapper Duck Burgers
    • Episode #73 Space Ham and You Bet Your Tuhkus
    • Episode #74 It Runs Good and Hot Air Buffoons
    • Episode #75 Whiff and To Be Bee Or Not To Be Bee
    • Episode #76 Don't Be Elfish and Lights, Camera, Traction
    • Episode #77 Jungle Slickers and Don't Wake The Neighbear
    • Episode #78 Escape From Newark And Truth Be Told
    • Episode #79 Throw Your Hog in the Ring And Slalom Problem
    • Episode #80 Circus Jerks And Nest Best Thing
    • Episode #81 Hot Enough For Ya? And Werhog of London
    • Episode #82 Bigfoot Littlebrain And Astro-Nots
    • Episode #83 Robin Hood Winked And Serengeti Western
    • Episode #84 All Pets Are Off And Boary Glory Days
    • Episode #85 Two for the Zoo And The Swine in the Stone
    • Episode #86 You May Have Already Won Six Million Barka And My Meteor, My Friend
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