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Forum Rules and Submission Guidelines

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    Hey everyone!, Welcome to the Timon & Pumbaa forums.


    Forum Rules:

    1. No Swearing.
    2. No Shortened Words e.g u, r, ur, ny, y etc.
    3. If you feel that a thread should be pinned or locked, send me a message.
    4. Any inappropiate or off-topic threads will be locked or deleted.


    Submission Guidelines:

    I stongly encourage submissions! Everything submitted helps build this guide up to be the best it can be. So be sure to submit any information you have. But before doing so, please make sure you have followed these guidelines:

    1) Make sure everything is in your own words with proper grammar and spelling. Copying and pasting is not allowed. I will check to see if you have plagiarized, so make sure that you take the time to put it in your own words. Quotes on the other hand have to be word for word of what the character said on the show. Please be accurate with the quotes.

    2) Comments are essential. If you are submitting new episodes, episode airdates, or summaries you must provide a link as to where you found your information. Comments make it a lot easier for me to accept submissions because I don’t have to search to find out if it is true or not.

    3) If you are making a spelling/grammar correction to the guide, please state what you are correcting.

    Example: I'm fixing a spelling error. Received was misspelled. On the guide it was spelled recieved.

    4) Make sure that the information you are submitting isn't already on the guide. This will cut down on multiple submissions on the guide.

    5) Please do not submit links as a submission, unless the link is to another page on TV.com.

    6) If you are planning on using the "Delete this Blurb" option; please put in the comment box the other version of the blurb, to prove the one you want deleted is a duplicate. Or the reason why the blurb needs to be deleted.

    Please format quotes like this:

    <b>Character Name</b>: Text

    If there is anything that has to go into parenthesis, must go like this:



    <b>Character Name</b>: <i>(action)</i> text

    <b>Character Name</b>: <i>(whispering)</i> Hello

    <b>Character Name</b>: Why are you whispering?


    Remember, if you ever have any questions be sure to contact me.

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