Timon & Pumbaa

Season 1 Episode 6

French Fried / LH: Big Top Breakfast

Aired Weekdays 1:00 PM Oct 13, 1995 on Toon Disney



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    • Banzai: Oh man, I just gotta get me some breakfast. Man I feel like I got a hole in my stomach (sits up, revealing a hole in his stomach that Shenzi and Ed can see right through).
      Shenzi: Funny, ya LOOK like ya got a hole in your head (She and Ed laugh, Banzai gets angry).
      Banzai: (picking up a stick) Oh yeah? (raises it towards Shenzi) Well how'd you like a hole in your-?! (Shenzi sees it and ducks, causing Banzai to accidentally hit Ed. Ed shakes it off, gets angry himself, then grabs the stick from Banzai and prepares to hit him back. Shenzi sees a can on the ground, picks it up, raises her paw in front of Ed to make him stop. Ed sees the can and happily trades the stick with her. Shenzi turns around and hits Banzai on his head)
      Shenzi: Alright alright, save your energy. What can I tell ya? I get cranky when I don't eat, FOR MONTHS.
      Banzai: I heard that. And they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
      Shenzi: Well, next to lunch and dinner (both look back to see Ed sprinkling pepper on the can Shenzi gave him. He then tries to eat it, making his head the shape of the can. Shenzi gets annoyed and makes a fist then hits Ed on the head, causing the can to go down to his stomach)

    • Shenzi: But I'm tellin' ya Banzai, we gotta catch our breakfast and we gotta catch it quick!
      Banzai: Yeah, it's almost lunchtime.

    • Shenzi (after Simon jumps in a cannon): Well how do we get 'em out? (Ed laughs indistincly, pointing to a button, it says "Launch")
      Banzai: Hey good idea, Eddy! Ok, since we missed breakfast, why don't we just push this button, "Lunch".

    • Shenzi: (standing beside a pot of boiling water with Ed, both are waiting for Simon to fall in) Hey, nice 'a you ta think about droppin' in for dinner! (Ed laughs indistinctively)

    • Shenzi: He's my monkey, I saw 'em first!

      Simon: Uh, aren't I sorta my own monkey?

      Shenzi: This has nothin' to do with you!

      Banzai: Yeah, you stay outta this! (they put Simon aside)

    • Banzai: Simon says, "Who wants to eat me?"

    • Shenzi: What's your name, chowder head?
      Simon: (scared) I'm S-Simon. Who are you? (Banzai and Ed come out from under the box)
      Banzai: We, are three, very happy hyenas.
      Shenzi: You mean, hungry. Banzai: Oh yeah, that too.

    • Timon: Hey, look, Pumbaa! You're Pumbatlas! Ha ha ha...Now's not the time for comedy, Pumbaa!

    • Pumbaa: Hey, look, Timon! You're Timonalisa!
      Timon: Now's not the time for comedy, Pumbaa!

    • Banzai: Hey, I know! We can form a band and call it, The Monkees!

    • From Big Top Breakfast:
      The hyenas are trying to figure out how to catch Simon, the Circus Monkey
      Shenzi: Hey, I know! We'll all pretend we're monkeys and hide in a big barrel until he comes back.
      Banzi: Nah, that's stupid. Hey, we can build an environment suitable and comfortable for all spieces in the class known as Chimpanze.
      Shenzi: Yeah, you get right on that.
      Ed: *Speaking his gibberish language*
      As he talks his head bonks on the box he's standing on
      Ed: Ha ha ha!
      Shenzi and Banzi: Hey, that's not bad!
      Banzi: What'd he say?
      Shenzi: I have no idea.

      Shenzi in a Ring Master costume talking to Simon
      Shenzi: Have a seat, son.
      Simon: But, I...
      Shenzi: I said, put your seat in the seat.

      The hyenas have Simon in a pot, but the bottom springs a leak and Simon surfs out on a carrot
      Shenzi: You know, I think our Monkey Stew is missing an ingredient.
      Banzi: What?
      Shenzi: Everything. Including THE MONKEY!

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