Timon & Pumbaa

Season 1 Episode 3

Never Everglades / LH: Cooked Goose

Aired Weekdays 1:00 PM Sep 22, 1995 on Toon Disney



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    • Shenzi: Say y'know, that shuttle is one hot ticket!
      Banzai: Yeah, that ride blew us away.
      Cheetahto: Not far enough I'm afraid.

    • Banzai: Hey I want the front seat! You got the front seat last time!
      Shenzi: Oh you're right sorry. (moves to the back, Banzai moves up front) Wait a minute! (grabs him) There was no last time! (Ed laughs indistinctively) No way, you ride in the back with barkbreath!

    • Shenzi: (putting on a crash helmet) So lemme get this straight, you're callin' this "The Where-engeti What-lle?"
      Cheetahto: No, "The Serengeti Shuttle."
      Cheetato: Yes, not only does it give you the best view in the jungle, but the best view of what to EAT, in the jungle.
      Shenzi: Did you say eat? (Ed starts nodding eagerly)
      Banzai: That's what I heard 'em! I heard 'em say eat! Eat, is what I heard!

    • Shenzi: Gentleman, I have a feeling this whole thang was nothin' but a snow job.

    • Shenzi: Well, it was a little warm.
      Banzai: Yeah! And I gotta to tell you guys. I never heard of a shuttle without seatbelts and air bags.
      Shenzi: Plus, there was no room for carryin' our luggage. (Ed laughs indistinctly)
      Cheetahto: What did he say?
      Banzai: He said, "They didn't serve peanuts."

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Timon: The Omen's not around, is he?
      This is a reference to the film The Omen, which involves the child of the devil.

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