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  • *singing* Hakuna Matata! This show was so GREEEAAT!!!

    Two of Disney's greatest and funniest characters have their own show. A mischievous and egotistical meerkat and a kind and sweet-loving warthog... Totally a great pair.
  • Hoo boy!

    It sure is easy to get addicted to this! You watch one episode, you gotta watch several, and from there on---BANG! You're a fanatic. I know because I've been there and back. Really a self-humiliating expierience.

    I guess the rustic, traditional-looking animation, the fast-pacing and some nostalgia filter of seeing a few episodes helped. But let's face it---it's a crude, stupid show cashing in on a terribly overblown children and family film. It doesn't have good writing, the characters are rarely likeable at all, and it's just children's crap. Fun to watch as a kid on TV once in a while, or occasionally as an adult when you can't find ANYTHING better and deciding to use it to enjoy some nostalgia filter? Yeah, but otherwise? No way.

    I don't think even kids should watch this regularly. I seriously think it makes you stupider, it's that crappy!
  • My Favorite Pair from Lion King

    1st ep (10)
  • One of my favorite spin-off series!

    The animation is a bit shoddy, but great show nonetheless. While I couldn't stand Timon and Pumbaa in TLK2 or 1.5, I liked them here in the T+P series. I also liked the little segments they had with Zazu and Simba. Great series for any Lion King fan!

    I wish this show would come back on the air! :( I believe there's a few episodes online and they also show on Playhouse Disney *VERY* early in the morning (or used don't remember anymore). Nevertheless, it's a must watch!
  • About this series

    It had wonderful performer for Nathan Lane in only 10 episodes for which he been in 1995 and great sound mixing in 1996.
  • Hakuna matata!

    Ah yes Timon and Pumbaa! A real feel good show. Just the opening theme song is just the thing to get you going in a real giddy mood. A lot of the episodes are funny and zany, hard to resist. I even know the song by heart! One of my favorite episodes was the one with Pumbaa jr. I'm glad Simba makes an appearance (as an adult). Heck I even like the fact that they include Rafiki and the Hyenas though Zazu has an appearance. All in all I definety recommend this cartoon to anyone of any age. Hakuna Matata!
  • They were good in the Lion King but not in this show.

    Timon and Pumbaa were great in the movie they made everybody laugh but in these series there really bad this is like a childish rip off of Ren and Stimpy(a cartoon which i actually enjoy) for example this is what the character's personality are like:
    I'm glad this is cancelled also in this show Timon calls him a mook which makes no sense and both T and P are arguing in every episode how fun is that don't waste your time watching this there are better stuff even Bob the Builder is better only some episode of this show is good.
  • Not as good as the first one but alright.

    The first one was was very good but this one was not quite as good. The songs in it weren't as good as in the first one. It's alright to watch though because it is the follow on from number 1. Number 3 is far more wrose though. Number 2 is where Simba's own child is born and she is growing up just like Simba in the first film. When she meets her boyfriend though all the animals are not shure if she can be with him as he belongs to the Hyenas. She does get with him though and just like Simba in The Lion King 1 she has her own child at the very end. The happier thing is that Simba never dies and he is there to see is own grandchild. Such a shame though that Simba's Dad could not see his own granddaughter or great granddaughter at the end of The Lion King 2.
  • I really like Timon and Pumbaa and I will love pretty much anything that has to do with Disney's "The Lion King". But...something about this show didn't seem right.

    All right. I will say right here, right now: I am a total "Lion King" maniac. Ever since I saw the original 1994 Disney animated movie, it has been a part of my life. With an all-star voice cast, terrific visual depth, a killer soundtrack, African savanna backdrop, uplifting messages, humor with lasting value and a powerful script, "The Lion King" has been one of my absolute favorite movies. It got me wanting to hear more music from Elton John, and I receive vibes from 'Lion King' as I hear his music. My roommates and I really liked Disney's 'Lion King 1 1/2' movie from 2004, and I even enjoyed the 1998 sequel, 'The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride'. 'The Lion King' is my personal pick for 'Best 1990s Disney animated movie'.

    When I first heard about how they were giving Timon and Pumbaa a Saturday morning cartoon on CBS, I was ecstatic. I thought Timon and Pumbaa were a terrific comedy duo and immediately embraced the idea of them having a spin-off series.

    While I watched it faithfully as a teen, I look at it now and I just can't shake the idea that something wasn't right. I understand that making a regular series with all the power and majesty of Disney's 'Lion King' movie would be one impossibly tall order to fill, but at times, this show feels like a Lion King-themed version of the Games animated 'Ren and Stimpy' episodes.

    Yes, Timon and Pumbaa are still together, having wacky adventures all around the world. Here, however, they do 'human' things, like wear clothes, eat in restaurants, talk with people, do jobs for money...you know, stuff animals wouldn't typically do in the wild. From time to time, they would run into a guy named 'Quint', whose moniker changes by his profession, acting like he is the 'George Liqour' of their show. In the movie, there were no human characters around. Suddenly, they can walk into a major metropolitian city and do what people do. It was a little weird.

    Another factor of the show I don't like is the extremely uneven quality of the episodes. When the episodes are good, they can be very enjoyable, namely the episodes that try to instill a social message or try to show an intellectual side. Other episodes, however, just stink (and when it does, watch out!). In some eps, they would either do a flat-out rewrite of an old Looney Tunes cartoon (one I remember best was 'Scent of the South', which was like a big remake of the 1959 Pepe Le Pew cartoon, 'Really Scent') or start somewhere and lead to something completely different than what they started with (like when it starts with Timon and Pumbaa playing golf, and it ends up with them throwing the Earth out of its orbit). Other episodes are total no-brainers, acting like an enormous marathon of 'watch us drop everything but the kitchen sink on Timon's head!'.

    Then there is the 'sideshow' character episodes. The secondary character episodes I liked best was 'The Laughing Hyenas', which featured Shenzi, Banzai and Ed as they searched for food (I think I even liked this better than the main attraction). The others, such as the 'Rafiki Fables', which usually tried instill a moral, like 'Be yourself' and 'Be Nice to your Friends', were very blah. And the other sideshow episode, 'Zazu the Hornbill'...well, Zazu was only a minor character in the movie, and his episodes weren't terribly interesting.

    So, I'm kinda torn between giving a 'yes' or 'no' reccommendation. Disney's made better series, but you can do worse. It seems to stand as a 'middle of the pack' Disney movie-based cartoon. Nothing can destroy my love for the immortal 'Lion King' movie, but 'The Lion King's Timon and Pumbaa' stands as the least involving of Disney's Lion King products.

    I stand by my claim that Timon and Pumbaa are a great comic team. But as a series, it just needs fine-tuning.
  • Remembering this show brings me back to the good times!

    (Along with "The Little Mermaid" spin-off) I loved watching this show! My sister loves it as well. Watching just makes me remember the good times, when (almost) everything was twice as exiting. My young brother wtaches Timon and Pumba, (when we are allowed to stay up late, of course. Why can't disney make a "classic" disney channel?) I loved the "The Lion King" and I loved this show. It was very amusing, and still is. I know most people would think it would be "un-cool" to watch a young kids show like this. But those guys don't appreciate the classics. I loved this show, and I still do now. Especially if you loved it as a kid, I asure you, you'll still love it!
  • Hakuna Matana for greatness.

    This was/is a great show. I am dead serious. Timon & Pumbaa appeared in the popular animated Disney classic of 1994, The Lion King. And then, they have their own show. And then, it's called, Timon & Pumbaa.

    It's good, because if I hated the Lion King, what would I be? The Lion King is cool. I also like the sequel, but I like Lion King 1 1/2 better. Some people think that this is the worst show. Well, almost. But, I think they're wrong. This show kicked ass. Only in the ass! IN THE ASS!

    So, this show is popular. I noticed, Hakuna Matana, Timon & Pumbaa.
  • Did these guys HAVE to get their own show?

    These two characters were cute and funny in the Lion King,but in this show,I think they're just... weird. What's Disney gonna do next,make ROBIN HOOD a tv show?! Geez, they're only two minor characters in a lion-based movie! Why do they need their own TV show?! I'm sorry. I'm just sick of good,Disney classics being made into crappy, rip-off TV shows! And I don't have much else to say about this show other than that I hate it and wish it would go away. Ah what the heck?! I still have some word count left,so I'll end it with these words.
  • This show was awesome!

    Oh boy, I remember when I was a kid and I used to watch this show with my brothers! It was so funny and it still is!

    I remember the wacky adventures Timon & Pumba had every time. Just a couple of months ago I was watching the episode where they were falling of the side of a cliff and pulling out random stuff to try to keep the alive!

    My youngest brother who is 6 can now watch this show thanks to reruns, and he enjoys every minute of it. I still watch it every once in a while with him!

    Thank you for reading this ¢¾
  • Well, I'm kinda glad to know that the show's remaining episodes are getting ready to air the upcoming August. I love this show. Anyways. shouldn't the status say that the show's on hiatus since they're airing the remaining episodes this year? :)

    I own a couple dolls from the Disney Store, and they are Timon and Pumbaa dolls. I even have a friend online, darthvalor07, who likes Timon and Pumbaa, and they're the reason he likes The Lion King so much. Besides Foster's, this show is one of my favorites. I even enjoy the episode, "Once Upon a Timon," in which talks about Timon's past and how he met Pumbaa. It's good to know that he fell in love on that episode. The character animation is great. Toei Animation should make an Anime spinoff of the show. :)
  • the lion king spinoff.

    Timon and Pumba have their own show and go through funny capers to catch bugs and fall into other peoples scams and get in to a lot of trouble. they enjoy searching for bugs to eat. timon always copys pumba's ideas and says that they are his and that they are brilliant. they often get chased by predators and get into lots of danger. also featured in this show there are the laughing hyeanas , zazu ,and sometimes raficki and even simba too. a very silly show that was only semi popular and grew on me over time. coolchris44 out.
  • Timon & Pumbaa starred The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa

    Timon & Pumbaa was about the lives of Timon and Pumbaa, from The Lion King, which had guest stars from the Lion King such as Simba, The hyneas, Zazu, and others.

    Timon & Pumbaa was a great show, I always watched it on the Disney Channel, and when they moved it to Toon Disney, I watched it on that channcel, until we got rid of digital Cable, and even though I can't watch the show anymore, when I watch the Lion King, it always reminds me just how crazy Timon & Pumbaa are.
  • Timon and Pumbaa two cahrectors of the hit lion king star in thier own series.

    This series is not that good. For one Timon and Pumbaa, who were lovable and funny in the movie are weird and very strange. They go around the world and for some reason they carry luggage! This is not possible and by no way what thier creators had in mind. In addition the other charectors from the movie do not appear in the series often. When they do it seems realy stupid. To make it worse they can now communicate with humans and have constant run ins with a guy with a bulbous red nose, which makes the series wierder.
  • Timon and Pumbaa's not a bad little show.

    It's definately not on the order or caliber as the Lion King, but it's not too bad. I really think that the best part is the naming convention. They really have some nifty names for each of their episodes. I would definately recommend that you check it out if you get the chance.
  • The Lion King was one of Disney's best movies IMO, so they tried to make a good spin-off cartoon... and they suceeded!

    How can I forget these two crack-ups of Timon and Pumbaa? They were two of my favourite characters from The Lion King, so they deserved their own series! The episodes were weird, yet interesting. It was very cheesy at times, but it was cheesy in a good way!
    Disney channel suck eggs right now, coz they show new crap and not these cartoon classics!
  • Sooo funny!

    That show is really funny. The show tells the adventures of Timon and Pumbaa, the famous meerkat and warthog who appear in the Lion King. That funny couple travels around the world living odd adventures and funny situations that will make you laugh a lot. Try to see it, you'll love that pair.
  • A glorious and fascinating friendship between two animals of different order in the wild jungle of TV animation...

    Timon and Pumba shows you the Disney televisual animation techniques as you have never seen them before! The new Disney method is a regimen/series of isometric exercises that simultaneously stretch, strengthen, tone and align the body and mind, while eliminating excess tension and strain on the joints and those pesky lapses in vigorous mind fantasy.

    Timon and Pumba offers step-by-step mind cleansing for those stressful days at the office as demonstrated by the characters of the TV show "The Office". This brillaint animated program for the ages incorporates the flooring techniques that are designed to help you improve your posture, tone and regain control of your mind.

    There is no better jungle show to sit down and relax to after a stressful day in the real world jungle of human society...
  • OMG! this show rocks!!!

    why did it get canceled? it was so funny! curse you disney!curse you!

    timon and pumbaa was my most favorte show when i was little. (and still is!)
    this is one of disney best shows ever ! this show slays the dragon! timon and pumbaa is one of toon disney's best shows! it should have never got canceled!