Timon & Pumbaa

Toon Disney (ended 1999)





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  • Not as good as the first one but alright.

    The first one was was very good but this one was not quite as good. The songs in it weren't as good as in the first one. It's alright to watch though because it is the follow on from number 1. Number 3 is far more wrose though. Number 2 is where Simba's own child is born and she is growing up just like Simba in the first film. When she meets her boyfriend though all the animals are not shure if she can be with him as he belongs to the Hyenas. She does get with him though and just like Simba in The Lion King 1 she has her own child at the very end. The happier thing is that Simba never dies and he is there to see is own grandchild. Such a shame though that Simba's Dad could not see his own granddaughter or great granddaughter at the end of The Lion King 2.