Timon & Pumbaa - Season 4

Toon Disney (ended 1999)




Episode Guide

  • Rome Alone / Amusement Bark
    Rome Alone: In the Roman Colliseum, the emperor Colliseum Quintius tries to force Simba to eat Timon and Pumbaa. Amusement Bark: Timon and Pumbaa visit Boss Beaver's Log Land, but a rotten kid keeps breaking things and getting Timon blamed for it.
  • Beast of Eden / Sense and Senegambia
    Beast of Eden: Timon and Pumbaa agree to help a monster retrieve his gold tooth from the natives. Sense and Senegambia: Timon thinks that Pumbaa can't catch bugs because something's wrong with his senses, and so buys expensive aides for Pumbaa.
  • Alcatraz-Mataz / Oahu Wahoo!
    Alcatraz-Mataz: Timon and Pumbaa try to break out of prison and catch Toucan Dan, who's framed them for stealing a traincar of beak polish. Oahu Wahoo!: Timon becomes the devoted disciple of a stone idol that he insists is giving him orders.
  • Monster Massachusetts / Handle With Caribbean
    Monster Massachusetts: A mad scientist wants to use Timon and Pumbaa in his morphing experiments. Handle With Caribbean: Timon makes himself captain of a group of really dumb pirates in an effort to get to Nashville.
  • Shopping Mauled / Library Brouhaha
    Shopping Mauled: Timon and Pumbaa hide in various stores at the Hakuna Matata MegaMall trying to avoid Irwin. Library Brouhaha: Timon and Pumbaa try to catch a bookworm in the Don B. Loud Library without being too loud.
  • Animal Barn / Roach Hotel
    Animal Barn: Pumbaa competes against a champion domestic pig in a contest for the right to be called "Mr. Pig." Roach Hotel: The manager of the Spotless Arms Hotel hires Timon and Pumbaa to catch two troublesome cockroaches.
  • Beetle Romania / Rumble in the Jungle
    Beetle Romania: For trying to eat her, a gypsy moth puts a curse on Timon that doesn't take effect until the next morning. Rumble in the Jungle: Rafiki tries to keep angry Timon and Pumbaa from fighting with each other.
  • Isle of Manhood / Puttin' on the Brits
    Isle of Manhood: Timon finally tries to pass the Test of Manhood, at the urgings of Pumbaa, who also serves as his merit badge judge. Puttin' on the Brits: Timon and Pumbaa try to save a cute little fox from a persistant foxhound.