Timon & Pumbaa

Season 7 Episode 9

The Lion King 1 1/2

Aired Weekdays 1:00 PM Feb 10, 2004 on Toon Disney

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  • Unlike other movie sequels, this was excellent. A great improvement compare to the second one.

    This movie is a clear Timon and Pumbaa movie. Those two funny sidekicks finally got their own movie and they deserve it! The animation was great. After the lousy coloring they did in the second movie, this one was fantastic. Finally some real facts about meerkats and the savannah animals and not things like "we're shopping". It doesn't really have a plot, but it's just a pure comedy. A new look on the first movie. The songs were, of course, great. Few but great ones. If you feel like having some great laughs watch this. If you like the 1, you would like 1 1/2 .
  • Fantastic! I loved those guys in The Lion King; it was great to see them have their own movie!

    I was NOT disappointed when this came out. Unlike a lot of Disney sequels, this was great! I feel the movie is underappreciated though, probably because TLK 2 was so soap opera-y, they were expecting even more of THAT. Seriously, this was awesome; meeting Timon's family and seeing how the duo met. Plus that scene where Timon asks Shenzi to marry him; classic! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! For those of you who didn't enjoy watching this though, please, give it a second chance. Sometimes that's all something needs to prove that's its great.

    I also liked the teen Simba events, they were funny as well. Snail slurping was hilarious! I had fun watching this, and I hope others will too.