Timon & Pumbaa

Season 7 Episode 8

The Lion King II: Simba's Pride

Aired Weekdays 1:00 PM Oct 27, 1998 on Toon Disney

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  • The movie with rather noticeable negative side overweighted by achievements.

    First of all, we see the universe with many new characters. The whole army of Outlanders with very implicit past, and Kiara, daughter of Simba. Among the Outlanders are Zira and Nuka - the antagonists making their neighbors antagonists, which, as always, will help compressing the personalities of good characters into the short film image. However, the opposite won't happen, as evil characters won't do anything but doing their evil (this except maybe the powerful song "My Lullaby" performed by S. Pleshette, which in some extent shows personality, but still making implicit references like "I do evil, because I can't otherwise"). But at least they accomplish their plot roles.

    While bringing Kiara and Kovu to the front role, they have probably made famous Simba and Nala here less important characters, sometimes more dependent to the plot. In some cases, it can be argued if it's their own personality or the plot (or the mystical Mufasa presence heavily used in this film) that accounts for their actions. There were animation and voice differences between 1st and 2nd part as well, but it's known that Disney worked much to preserve the original characters.

    Speaking of characters. At first sight, Kovu is a strange character because he managed to adopt that Kiara's optimism in several days, after much longer periods of murky Outlands' programming. But take into account that Kiara has done that to everyone but Zira (not counting Simba, he got used to it during her childhood). And it becomes uneven who is strange. It seems that he is rather unpractical when making decisions. But not in hunt or games, cause Vitani should have trained him well.

    Kiara may be discussed, but what does come into view is: the nonhumanly way of enjoying the life, a kind of unbreakable optimism; respect of only those opinions that correspond to the aforementioned optimism and to Pridelander noble settings. She may be suspicious, but prefers to take into account personalities than circumstances. She uses to try to avoid prejudice and gain knowledge, yet again with respect to optimism :) She can make wrong decisions because of the optimism, and she may often get annoying with her high-amplitude emotions. These emotions is what many people hate in her.

    The new cast and animation were good at least, masterpiece in some parts, especially for as seemingly difficult character as Kiara - her face expression in the movie is always like a precise mirror to what happens outside, which the voice cast amplifies. Some of these expressions, I think, did appear in no previous animation in such amplitude. Reminds of Nala's 'Whoah!' in the first movie (with mouth 90 deg. open). The voice cast works good in most cases because of Disney's tactic of drawing with respect to the voice. Timon & Pumbaa parts during 'War' part make the exception.

    Timon & Pumbaa part wasn't too good here. It's normal in the first part of this movie (yet rather plot-dependent), but in the end it gets bad. It was meant for dramatic parts relief, but practically breaks the atmosphere.
  • Not as good as 1 but a pretty good movie

    I love TLK movies (well, Except 1 1/2 kinda) But this was a pretty good movie, nice music, good actors, And Simba's daughter is beautiful. :) I know not very many people like Kiara but i do! :D And this movie. Although I must admit The upendi song is kinda anoying but still good. :) even though this movie wasn't as good as 1 it's still rocked!
  • No offense, but this "movie" (if that's what you call it) kinda sucked.

    Look, I'm not saying I hated it, but they're could've been a lot more story to it. Why is Simba so paranoid all of a sudden? Where the heck did Zira come from? Why is Kiara so...it's like a bad taste in your mouth. Vitani was cool and Kovu was ok I guess, but guys like Nuka, Zira and "new" Simba, made me shocked to believe I used to willingly watched this. I never was a big fan of it when I was young, but now I can see what I didn't watch it for over eight years until last year. Never. Again.

    The only thing remotely good about it was Timon and Pumbaa's humor. That's why I preferred TLK 1 1/2 to this. Like I said, I don't hate it; but if Disney ever came up with some new LK thing, I hope it's a lot better than this was.
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