Timon & Pumbaa

Season 6 Episode 10

Visiting Pig-nitaries / The Truth About Kats and Hogs

Aired Weekdays 1:00 PM Aug 10, 2006 on Toon Disney



  • Trivia

    • In The Truth About Kats and Hogs, afer Jean gives Pumbaa the bag of bugs she gave Timon, and she says how Timon has also captivated her interest, Pumbaa's snout turns the same color as his body, then turns back to normal in the next shot

  • Quotes

    • Visting Pig-nitaries:
      Timon,Pumbaa, and the Empress's assistant are riding in a limousine.
      PUMBAA: I'm so hungry, Timon.
      TIMON: Don't worry, Pumbaa. As long as we keep that mook thinking we're dignitaries, we're gonna get treated like kings.
      PUMBAA: I thought kings got treated like kings. Wouldn't dignitaries get treated like dignitaries?
      Timon slaps his face as in Pumbaa's not understanding the situation.
      Pumbaa hears buzzing and goes throught the sun roof
      PUMBAA: Incoming!
      bugs fly into his mouth
      TIMON: What are you doing?!
      He pulls Pumbaa back into the limousine
      PUMBAA: Lunch. Dignitaries do lunch, see.
      He shows the bugs in his mouth
      ASSISTANT: (heavy accent)Uh, you've got bugs in your teeth.
      Timon grabs the bugs and throws them out the window
      TIMON: Heh. A custom in our land.
      The assistant looks at him suspiciously
      Pumbaa looks out the window
      PUMBAA: My lunch.

      They arrive at the Imperial Museum of Etiquettica
      The assistant introduces a painting of Etiquettica's first Emperor
      ASSISTANT: This is a priceless rendition of our first Emperor: Jean-Claude Fluggin with the BIg Noggin.
      PUMBAA: Man, what a fathead. Hey Timon, I bet all his hats were afraid of him. He he he.
      The assistant dusts the picture with a cloth
      ASSISTANT: He was our Emperor.
      The cloth streads dust. Pumbaa inhales it.
      PUMBAA: Ah-hee-hooh. Still had a big fathead. Ahh. Ahhhh.
      Timon quickley stops him.
      TIMON: Go find a tissue or something, and remember your manners.
      A car stalls in the backgroung as punmbaa trys to hold it in
      PUMBAA: Ahh...Ahh...Ahh...
      ASSISTANT: And here is the priceless original copy of Ediquettica's Constitution.
      The Constitution isn't in the glass case.
      ASSISTANT: (GASP) It's...gone.
      The assistant panics and Timon looks for it. Pumbaa appears with the paper
      PUMBAA: Ah...Chooo!
      He ruins the Consitution
      PUMBAA: Oops. Was thins important. Don't worry, I'll clean it off.
      He wipes it on a suit of armor that falls creating a domino reaction to the other armor. The very last armor slices the painting of the Emperor in half
      PUMBAA: Ohh. So much for Mr. Big Head.

      They are about to meet the Empress
      PUMBAA: Uh, Timon, You might want to stand back. I'm feeling a... great big belch coming on.
      TIMON: Dear Pumbaa. We're about to meet the Empress of Etiquettica. For cryin' out loud, hold it in.
      ASSISTANT: The Empress will see you now.
      Timon imagines a beautiful young Empress. Tiomon bows and opens his eyes to see an unattractive middle-aged woman. A scream, a car crash and a dog wimper are heard in the back ground.
      TIMON:(A little uncomfortable) Your highnessness...ness.
      He bows and so does Pumbaa, who's turning red from the pressure of the burp he's trying to hol in.
      ASSISTANT: Well? You can't greet the Empress without saying something.
      Pumbaa shakes his head as he sweats
      ASSISTANT: But you must... or it will be an aweful breach of etiquette.
      Pumbaa turns green, he's trying his hardest to hold it. Then blue, purple and...
      The Empress flies into the wall, the assistant's jaw drops, and Timon is worried
      TIMON: Uh...in our coutry, it is a custom to greet this way. Rude not tude, in fact.
      Pumbaa smiles nervously
      ASSISTANT: Then why didn't you do it?
      Timon body gestures "why not?" and sprays stuff in his mouth.
      TIMON: BURRP. Heh heh.
      EMPRESS: (with an accent) Such strange customs.
      She goes down to Timon
      TIMON: Thanks, you're too kind.

      Pumbaa is given soup and a bug flies into it.
      PUMBAA: (Slurp) Ohh. Hey, there's a big hairy, six legged, winged bug-thing in my soup.
      PUMBAA: How'd ya konw what my favorite soup (sniff, sniff)is?

      The assistant calls Pumbaa an uncultured peasant.
      PUMBAA: Who are you calling a Pheasant?*cry* I'm a Wathog.*cry*

      The Truth About Kats and Hogs:
      Pumbaa has just seen Jean Farell
      Timon is alseep under a tree, but wakes up as Pumbaa screams
      Pumbaa lands on Timon. Birds fly out of a tree
      TIMON: Good morning, Pumbaa.
      PUMBAA: Timon, there's something out there.
      TIMON: Might be news to you, pumbaa old buddy, but we live in a jungle. There's always something out there.

      Jean calls pumbaa ugly
      TIMON: Now just a minute lady, that's my pal you're talkin' about. You call this handsome fellow, ugly?
      Pumbaa smiles.
      TIMON: Gee. Okay so he's not Brad Pig, but he ain't exactly ugly.
      Pumbaa smiles a bigger smile
      TIMON: Okay, so he's exactly ugly. Next question.
      Jean continues watching Pumbaa
      PUMBAA: Timon, she's watching me again. Make her stop. Stop watching me.
      JEAN: I find the shy temperment of this particular Warthog, who I shall call Melvin, to be quite charming.
      TIMON: Nothing to be afraid of, Pumbaa. She finds you charming. Wait till she gets close enough to get a whiff of ya and the romance will be over.
      JEAN: My ability to get to Melvin, is impeded, however, by the presence of an annoying, common
      TIMON: Annoyoing?! Common?! Now just a parasite pickin' minute lady! Just-AYIII!
      Jean picks him up
      JEAN: Fortunatly, the tiny beast poses no real threat and is easily expunged.
      She flings him into a tree
      TIMON:YAAHH! It hurts to be expunged.

      Jean has given Timon bugs and Pumbaa comes up to him
      PUMBAA: Hey, Timon. Can I have some of your bugs? I'm awefully hungry.
      TIMON: Miss turkey-neck over there won't like it, but I'll take the risk.
      He grabs one tiny bug
      PUMBAA: Gee, can ya spare it?
      TIMON: No... but I'm a nice guy, so I'm gonna give it to you anyway.
      Pumbaa eats the bug, annoyed

      Jean's last plan to escape Timon and pumbaa fails
      JEAN: AHH! WHAA! I ADMIT it. I can't decide which animal is better, Meerkat or Warthog. Uhh. I love you both. You're both absolutly FANTASTIC! Infact, I want to BE you.
      Takes off her glasses and puts her hair down
      JEAN: Look I'm a Meerkat. No I'm a Warthog.
      She has a Sweedish costume and an accordan
      JEAN: NO-here look I'm a Meerhog. I'm a Wartkat. Who's the real animal now?
      She starts to eat bugs
      JEAN I'm nutty as a coconut. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha, Ahh? AHHH!
      Two male Naturalists grab her in a net
      NATURALIST 1: What luck man! we've found a genuine Wild Woman of the Jungle!
      NATURALIST 2: We'll be the first scientists in the world to acually capture one.
      NATURALIST 1: Bravo for us!
      They take Jean away
      PUMBAA: Ya know Timon, I'm gonna miss that lady.
      TIMON: Yeah. She brought out the best in us.
      End of episode

  • Notes

    • Visiting Pig-nitaries: Once again Timon is very close to the fancy life and Pumbaa ruins it for him
      It appears that 17th class has you riding on one of the plane's tires
      1st and only appearances of the Empress's assistant, the Empress of Etiquettica, Jean Farell, and the male Naturalists
      Timon and Pumbaa tell some facts and some "interesting" facts about Kats and Hogs

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