Timothy Goes to School

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Timothy Goes to School

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Timothy Goes to School explores the experiences and feelings of children in kindergarten. Based on a series of children's books by acclaimed author/illustrator Rosemary Wells, the charming animated television program aims to assuage kid's fears about starting kindergarten. Chronicling the comedic adventures of a bright young raccoon named Timothy and classmates such as Nora the boisterous mouse, Fritz the curious skunk, Lilly the forgetful fox, and Yoko the violin-playing cat, the warmhearted series shows that while school can be a lot of work, it can also be a lot of fun. This series teaches youngsters how to behave in school and having a positive attitude - feeling good in school and learning more about the world. A raccoon named Timothy starts kindergarten, and meets many new people and many new friends. He helps others with their challenges and they would help Timothy on something he is struggling on. Yoko, a Japanese cat who is one of Timothy's best friends, is a very talented violin player Fritz the skunk is another one of Timothy's friends who wants to discover new things, leaving a mess behind. Charles is a shy little mouse while Nora is a loud little mouse. Claude is a smart raccoon who thinks he is better than everyone else, Lilly is a forgetful fox, Grace is a wonderful cat dancer, and Doris is a beaver who loves different kinds of paintings than everyone else. The learning components of the school comes from Mrs. Jenkins who taught everyone to get along, helps whenever someone is needed, sings to make all the students happy and Mrs. Appleberry who is student teacher. Henry is the custodian of the school, as well as the school-bus driver, and many of the students consider him a friend. Timothy Goes to School was first released to the U.S. September 30, 2000 as part of an umbrella package called PBSKids Bookworm Bunch. The series was packaged in a three-hour block along with George Shrinks, Corduroy, Elliot Moose, Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse, and Seven Little Monsters. PBS trimmed the three-hour block to a two-hour version, discarding Corduroy and Elliot Moose in late September 2001. PBSKids Bookworm Bunch aired for the last time on Labor Day weekend 2004, and all PBS rights to Timothy Goes to School went with it. Some of the other programs remain today as full length programs on PBSKids, while others are now a part of NBC's Qubo block. Timothy later aired on both TLC and Discovery Kids. About the Author of Timothy Goes to School: One of America's most important and prominent author/illustrators, Rosemary Wells has crafted the words and pictures of more than 50 books for children, including Shy Charles, Noisy Nora and the popular Max and Ruby series, which has also been adapted as a television program. Her keen understanding of children is the hallmark of her story-telling. By engaging young readers on their own level and timing, Wells connects and creates a safe place for kids to learn, grow and feel good about themselves and their special world. Currently, Timothy Goes to School does not air on any U.S. network. It was dropped from Discovery Kids in 2006, though it's possible it may resurface at some point in the future. Two DVD releases are available. For those viewing in Canada, the program can be seen on the Knowledge Network in 15 minute blocks at 5 P.M. weekdays. It can also be seen on Treehouse TV at various times. Check listings in other markets.moreless