Timothy Goes to School

PBS (ended 2001)


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  • Season 2
    • Mama Don't Go: Juanita has just moved to the Hilltop community and is anxious about her first day at a new school. She feels much better when her mother offers to accompany her to Mrs. Jenkins' class. However, throughout the day, each time her mother attempts to leave, Juanita did not feel that her mother should leave yet. Making New Friends: Juanita is having difficulty finding her place with eleven classmates who already know each other. Mrss. Jenkins observes Juanita's struggle and explains to her class that they are all crew members on the Friend Ship. Timothy volunteers to be the captain of this Friend Ship to help Juanita make new friends.moreless
    • Charles The Athlete Written by Brian Lasenby The Franks can't help noticing that Charles finished last place in every event for school sports day. They mistakenly think that Charles must feel bad about his athletic abilities and take it upon themselves to be his personal trainers. When they put him through a rigorous exercise program, Charles repeatedly wanders away and works on another project. The Franks assume he's discouraged about his progress, but Charles is up to something. Be My Valentine Written by Paddy Granleese Timothy has made a secret valentine for Yoko while Charles made one for Lilly. On the other side Yoko made one for her special friend, Timothy and Lilly created a secret valentine for Charles. In a comedy of errors, no one receives the correct valentine. Timothy and Charles did not know if Lilly and Yoko would like their gifts so they exchange their valentines while Lilly put Yoko and hers in the wrong boxes. In order to sort things out, their secrets must be revealed because the gifts that were for their original purpose, was better than what they had received.moreless
    • 9/18/01
      Just In Time Written by Brian Lasenby Henry discovers a twenty-five year old time capsule while he was working on the maintenance in the attic of the school. This capsule inspired Mrs. Jenkins' class to make one of their own. Lilly decides to offer her favourite doll, Thimbullina, but has second thoughts after the time capsule has been sealed and stowed in the school attic for the next generation. Lilly decides to offer Henry a painting of her dolly instead of the actual object. My Family Written by Alice Prodanou In Nora's eyes, her little brother Jack is a messy little baby who takes things and breaks them. She becomes so tired of Jack that she excludes him from the school painting project she's done of her family. Nora has a change of heart when she discovers something about Jack, he loved playing pots and pans to create music, as much as Nora did. Jack liked everything that Nora was interested in, and Nora began to enjoy playing with him.moreless
    • Professor Fritz Mrs. Jenkins' students are making science projects to display at Hilltop School's open house and Fritz, the class inventor, is going to impress everyone with his rocket ship. When a test flight goes haywire in front of the entire class, Fritz feels humiliated and abandons his experiment. Timothy and Charles inadvertently suggest something that changes everything. Two Tutu Friends Doris is inspired to take ballet lessons after watching Grace dance in front of the class. A growing friendship between the two girls comes to an abrupt end when Grace calls Doris a "blabbermouth" and Doris calls Grace a "cry baby". Both girls discover that dance class isn't as much fun without each others' friendship.moreless
    • 9/14/01
      Measuring Up: Charles' mom and dad tell him how much he's growing, and he can't wait to get to school to share the big news with his friends. When Mrs. Jenkins' students display full-size cutouts of themselves, it's clear that Charles is the smallest in the class. Charles soon learns that "smallest" is a relative term when Doris, the biggest in the class, reveals a secret.

      Lost and Found: Yoko is delighted when she learns about a set of figurines that once belonged to her grandmother called the Netzke Family. Her mom reluctantly agrees to let her take them to school, so long as she takes good care of them and doesn't let anyone else play with them. Yoko follows her mom's rules and presents the figurines for In the Spotlight. At the end of the day, Yoko discovers that the figurines have disappeared from her cubbyhole. At first, everyone thinks that they just got lost, but when a Lost and Found Day fails to turn them up, some begin to think that the figurines may have been taken.moreless
    • 9/13/01
      Read Me a Story Nora fears that her beloved story time with her mother will become a thing of the past when her mother says she'll soon be able to read all by herself. Nora resists all of the school activities that promote reading skills, including a first trip to the library to borrow her own library books, concerned that she will then be able to read alone, but her mother is disappointed that Nora has given up reading to herself. The Gift Nora decided to make a special homemade birthday gift for her friend Yoko after her mother suggested it. After Nora hears about the great and expensive gifts that her friends bought for Yoko, she fears that her birthday present is no longer special enough. Nora doesn't want to go to the party anymore, but she discovers something special.moreless
    • 9/12/01
      The School Play Mrs. Jenkins' class is performing a play about taking care of teeth and Yoko has the misfortune of being cast as the villain, a cavity! Then Yoko realizes she can offer something unique to the role and something incredible happens in the presentation. Full of Beans The Franks take great pleasure in making everyone laugh with their funny jokes and zany antics, but they pull some pranks that go too far and their classmates are no longer amused. When it's time for the big square dance to begin, the Franks can't find anyone willing to be their partners - including each other.moreless
    • New Found Franks The Franks always do everything together, but when Fritz invites them to fly a kite and Timothy asks them to play basketball, the inseparable brothers can't decide what to do. When the twins finally decide to split up, they miss each other. When I Grow Up When Mrs. Jenkins invites the class to think about what they'd like to do when they grow up, Yoko is quick to tell everyone that she wants to become a violinist. Through the course of helping others imagine what they would like to be, her interest in teaching grows.moreless
    • The Shutterbug Wanting to become an avid photographer like his father, Timothy borrows the family camera and tries to capture all of his Hilltop friends on film. When the photos don't turn out the way he had expected, Timothy is reluctant to show anyone his pictures. After some coaxing, Timothy presents his photos, and much to his surprise, sees something in his pictures that he hadn't noticed before. The Friendship Stone Lilly and Nora exchange a lucky penny and a pretty stone as a token of their friendship. After Lilly loses the special stone, she's worried that Nora will be upset and no longer want to be her friend. In the end, Nora is upset that Lilly lost the special stone, so Lilly had to do something to tell her that she still wanted to be her friend.moreless
    • Having a Wonderful Time: When the class is ready for a field trip to Hilltop Park, Mrs. Jenkins tells the class to buddy-up, Lilly and Grace choose each other as partners. All day long, Grace misses out on the things that Lilly does. The Taketombo: When Yoko receives a new toy from her grandmother called a "taketombo," she takes it school to share for In the Spotlight. During a rowdy game of indoor football, Frank and Frank break it by accident. They apologize to Yoko, but Big Frank shows them how they can fully make amends.moreless
    • 9/6/01
      Abracadabra Written by Brian Lasenby Fritz learned a new magic trick and reveals the secret behind the illusion to Timothy. When Grace starts performing the trick for her classmates, Fritz becomes furious, presuming that Timothy exposed the secret of his special trick. Timothy denies the accusation and a rift develops between the two boys that can only be mended if Grace reveals the truth. Two For Tea Written by Paddy Granleese Yoko's mother is coming to Hilltop School to perform a Japanese Tea Ceremony for "In the Spotlight", and Yoko accepts help from Nora to finish the preparations for the big event. A clash of cultures develops when Nora tries to infuse the rituals of a Japanese Tea Ceremony with the fun and games of a home-style tea party.moreless
    • Rocky Friendship Fritz and Charles both claim they discovered an interesting rock, and Fritz thinks it should go to his rock collection and Charles think it should go to a castle of rocks. Timothy finds himself in a real dilemma after being asked to settle the squabble by deciding which friend should keep the rock. The Greatest Nora proclaims Timothy is "the greatest" when he recaptures her pet lizard Norman, after a big escape. Timothy enjoys being the object of Nora's admiration until she starts relying too much on his help for every little thing. Timothy hoped that someone would capture Norman again, so they can take over the title of "the greatest".moreless
    • Many Happy Returns Everyone is happy to be returning to Mrs. Jenkins' class after the summer holidays, but Timothy is having trouble adjusting to life at Hilltop School without his friend Fritz. Since Fritz moved away, the two friends have been sending mail to each other. Fritz wrote to Timothy that a surprise was on the way and Timothy and his classmates are very excited when they find out what that surprise is. You're Invited Everyone in Mrs. Jenkins' class received an invitation to Lilly's party but Doris was did not receive one. Doris did not know why she wasn't invited and she was told a number times she treated Lilly unkindly. She tried to redeem herself and to be the best friend that Lilly has ever had. When all of Doris' attempts at this fail, she goes home feeling dejected. But something unexpected happens when Doris gets home.moreless
  • Season 1
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