Timothy Goes to School

Season 2 Episode 13

Mama Don't Go / Making New Friends

Aired Unknown Sep 20, 2001 on PBS



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    • "Making New Friends"
      Juanita: Welcome to Friendship Island. I am Queen Juanita. My island has lots of treasures.

    • "Making New Friends"
      Juanita: Everyone should have a friend.
      Mrs. Jenkins: I think so, too.

    • "Making New Friends"
      Juanita: Where will I sit on the bus?
      Juanita's Mom: You can sit beside one of your new friends.
      Juanita: But I don't have any new friends yet.

    • "Mama Don't Go"
      Juanita: Mama, you have to go now, or we can't give you a surprise.

    • "Mama Don't Go"
      Yoko: (referring to Juanita's mom) She'll come back. Mothers always come back.
      Juanita: But what if I need her?
      Yoko: I needed my mama on the first day of school, too. But then, I was having so much fun. I didn't need her to come with me anymore.

    • "Mama Don't Go"
      Juanita: You're leaving already? Mama, don't go. I am not ready for you to go yet.

    • "Mama Don't Go"
      Juanita's Mom: Would you like it if I took you to school tomorrow?
      Juanita: Yes, please come with me.

    • "Mama Don't Go"
      Juanita: Mama, you were gone for a long time. I missed you.
      Juanita's Mom: I'm back now. I always come back.

  • Notes

    • Karen Moonah is the writer for "Mama Don't Go" and Paddy Granleese is the writer for "Making New Friends."

    • Yoko says to Juanita that she herself didn't want her mother to leave her side on the first day of school. This never appeared on the show. Instead this is a reference to the book called Mama, Don't Go, the first book in the "Yoko and Friends" series. Many of the books in this series feature stories seen on Timothy Goes to School, though this particular book features events similar to those in the first half of this episode but involving Yoko instead of Juanita. Juanita instead first appears in the "Yoko and Friends" book titled Make New Friends.

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