Timothy Goes to School

Season 2 Episode 9

Measuring Up / Lost and Found

Aired Unknown Sep 14, 2001 on PBS
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Measuring Up:
Charles' mom and dad tell him how much he's growing, and he can't wait to get to school to share the big news with his friends. When Mrs. Jenkins' students display full-cutouts of themselves, it's clear that Charles is the smallest in the class. Charles soon learns that "smallest" is a relative term when Doris, the "biggest" in the class, reveals a secret.

Lost and Found:
Yoko is delighted when she learns about a set of figurines that once belonged to her grandmother called the Netzke Family. Her mom reluctantly agrees to let her take them to school, so long as she takes good care of them and doesn't let anyone else play with them. Yoko follows her mom's rules and presents the figurines for In the Spotlight. At the end of the day, Yoko discovers that the figurines have disappeared from her cubbyhole. At first, everyone thinks that they just got lost. But when a Lost and Found Day fails to turn them up, some begin to think that the figurines may have been taken.


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The items found by Mrs. Jenkins class as they go in search of Yoko's Netzke family in "Lost and Found" were:

      Frank #1: a door from Frank #2's truck
      Frank #2:  the steering wheel from Frank #1's truck
      Fritz: Lilly's lunchbox
      Timothy: Nora's mitten
      Charles: Grace's scarf
      Nora: Fritz's magnifying glass

  • QUOTES (7)

    • "Lost and Found"
      Mrs. Jenkins: (to her class) Today, we are having a special Lost and Found day to help Yoko search for the Netzke family. I want you to look in your cubbies and your backpacks, and then we will look everywhere in the classroom. And hopefully, one of you will find the Netzke family.
      Timothy: Don't worry, Yoko. Somebody will find them.

    • "Lost and Found"
      Mrs. Jenkins: Quick sticks, Yoko. The bus is waiting.
      Yoko: But Mrs. Jenkins, I can't find the Netzke family.
      Mrs. Jenkins: Oh dear. Did you look in your cubby?
      Yoko: Uh huh.
      Mrs. Jenkins: Did you check your backpack?
      (Yoko nods)
      Yoko: It's going to be okay, Yoko. I'll call your mother to tell her that the Netzke family is missing. Tomorrow morning, we will all help you look for them.
      Yoko: Okay.

    • "Measuring Up"
      Doris' Mom: Your big brothers can learn a thing or two from your little friend, Doris.
      Doris: Charles is not little, Mom. He is just the smallest like me.
      Doris' Mom: I see.

    • Measuring Up"
      Nora: How did you get so big?
      Charles: I'm growing.
      Nora: You're not that big.

    • "Measuring Up"
      Doris: I'm the biggest, and Nora is the smallest.
      Nora: Huh? Hey, I'm bigger than Charles!

    • "Measuring Up"
      Charles: What's it like to be big?
      Doris: I don't know.
      Charles: But you're the biggest in the class.
      Doris: There are a lot of other times when I'm the smallest.
      Charles: Like when?
      Doris: Like all the time at home. I'm the smallest in the family.
      Charles: Really? You're the smallest?
      Doris: Uh huh. I'm even too small to ride the bumper cars at the fair. I have to watch my brothers drive by and stick their tongues out at me. They call me a shrimp. It makes me so mad.
      Charles: Hmm, I don't like being called a shrimp either. If I see your older brothers sticking their tongues out, I'll tell them to stop it.
      Doris: Thanks, Charles! What do you think about that, Mr. Big Shot?!
      (Charles and Doris giggle)

    • "Measuring Up"
      Frank#2: (while he and Frank #1 work on paper cut-outs of themselves) Mrs. Jenkins. Frank's head came off!

  • NOTES (2)


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    Judge Judy
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    What Would You Do?
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